Smokers Wristband ? ......... Arm patch next?

Simon has got the story here. Irish Prime minister smoking in the stadium but the rest of us smokers we have to wear a wristband. Apparently officials say the Prime Minister wasn't breaking the law ... awww bless.

As Joyce said on Simon's place ... How long before the arm patches being sewn on our jackets?


  1. Isn't the 'wristband' essentially a passout and re-entry permit so that smokers can leave the stadium, smoke outside it, then are allowed back in again.
    It's not like it's required wearing as such.

  2. Anon ...It's not like it's required wearing as such.

    Only if you are a smoker to go to the 'designated' areas :)

  3. Here you are - one retirement possibility made less attractive?


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