Yo Ho, Yo Ho ... a herd of cats for me!

Ok, l'm no good at art but you get the general idea. Leg Iron produced No 1 so here is No 2. Idea behind is we are called many names but jist of them are we are criminals, pariahs, smugglers and so on ... hence pirate. Put recognisable symbol on hat so it refers to the alcohol, cigarette is self explanatory. Left swords in and had unfriendly skull because l want to portray we are not to be messed with. We won't go away and we don't scare. Leg Iron is far more articulate on the rest so l refer you to him. Savvy?

So this doesn't degenerate into squabbles about who likes who's best and ending up with nothing, which would be a shame. l see no reason why different flags etc cannot be used for different areas ... or Resistance Groups if you prefer. As long as it has the skull, cigarettes and alcohol, l can see no problem. We will all be acting independently anyway. lt's no different to military units having different patches. Comments?


  1. I would read this blog more often if it wasn't white on black, which is tiring for the eyes.

  2. Y'know ... you could be right. l'll mess around with it but my computer skills aren't the best so if blog implodes ... it's your fault! :)

  3. Love the design, when can we expect to see them?

    LBS is right, black on white is better.

  4. nice one,l'll print some off and get busy!

  5. Yep, couldnt agree more. dont want us so dont get our money. l get mine from man in van. stuff the goverment!

  6. The NorthernRebels can print 200 mini posters
    for £1 and 300 self adhesive labels for £1 but
    the samples would better wthout a black background to avoid heavy ink usage.
    If anyone needs to know how to print cheap ,just ask on this blogsite

    Thats the easy bit,its getting the digital infantry of their arses ,away from mummy monitors and out in the fresh air doing some
    streetfighter excercises,yep getting the message well and truly stuck wherever smokers
    stand and whinge.

    Theres thousands waiting for us.
    1 in 1000 smokers will do nicely

    The North will fight

  7. Northern Rebels ... e-mail me. lnterested in the printing. :)

  8. Local variant flags would work as long as there's a central theme. Like Hells' Angel chapters.

    The skull as central is great, we could have a knife and fork instead of swords for the denormalised overweight, add in the cigarette for smoker groups or even for groups that include smokers, swap the booze label for the local tipple of choice (and if the booze company shouts 'Copyright!' we remove it and don't buy their particular product any more. They'll get the message).

    Northern Rebels - at those prices, even if the ink usage doubles or triples the price, I'll buy them.

    It's time the Smoky-Drinky groups had a means of recognising each other.

  9. Congratulations on black on white, much easier.

    I like this development a lot. Is there a way to make Northern Rebels' offer more generally accessible (if they want it to be, that is), I might consider an order if I can get hold of NR!

  10. This, Smoking Hot/Leg Iron, is bloody brilliant. This idea has to go forward as this can make a real impact. If "Northern Rebel" can email me some sizes of stickers and (I assume) A% sized mini posters I think the first order could be coming from here!


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