Dover - Calais HMRC/UKBA

Shall be away for a while due to taking some WW2 Vets back to France and in particular Normandy courtesy of Heroes Return. They were going in comfort in the big Merc S Class but the German car decided yesterday to develop a front wheel bearing fault. lt's noisy and getting noisier so decided to leave it as there is no time to fix it. So enter the Yanks and the Jeep, which we'll be taking instead ... maybe the gods are telling me something :)

We shall be crossing via Dover-Calais ferry route. The lads know this route from many years ago except this time the enemy will be in Dover as well as a contingent in Calais. I can't remember ever using this ferry service. lt has never been of any interest to me, the cigarettes are too expensive and l almost always fly anyway. Used the ferry crossing to Ireland often but that was never shopping trips. l understand that Dover-Calais has gained a reputation for the HMRC staff there to be akin to Nazis. Most reports put them down as a law unto themselves and indeed power crazy. Take a look at some horror stories of experiences there and judge for yourself h/t daytripper.
Hope my boys want some tobacco to bring back!

So l was thinking, isn't it time to take these HMRC power mad officers  to task? Some covert body cameras and such and let the world see how they really behave instead of the crap put out in edited progs such as Border UK.

Actually I've already decided .... yes it is! Time for some Ebay shopping m'thinks :)


  1. Smoking Hot

    Undercover is better than under the counter

    Have a great trip.

  2. Calais is only an half hour drive from Adinkerke
    in Belgium where baccy is much cheaper
    The British customs on French soil in Calais
    is a total disgrace and embarrasssment to the British nation.
    Worse than my eperience with Soviet ,DDR and Polish secret police before the Berlin wall came down. The totally pathetic ,petty,
    scowling jobsworths, unable to stem the flow
    of illegal immigrants,criminals,drugs and porn now pick their way through war veterans
    and old ladies shopping hopefully trying to
    score brownie points with a few pouches of
    One snivelling, rat faced ,back stabbing
    bun haired snidette claimed she was only obeying the law
    So said Judas ,Quisling and Adolph Eichman.

    Siezure of tax paid goods bought by an EU citizen within the Eu is a violation of all articles under the Treay of Rome,Maastricht and Lisbon Protocols
    Caught selling is the only crime justifying confiscation,not the assumption of selling

    Are there any Britons left

  3. HMRC/UKBA justify their existance by the amount of tobacco/cigarettes they confiscate at the borders. l should rephrase that as anything that refers to justice has no place being mentioned in reference to HMRC/UKBA. They operate a climate of fear and increase the fear by confiscating peoples private vehicles too. Their feeble excuse is that the vehicle was used for transporting the confiscated goods ... yet so was the ferry and if you fly, the aircrft you came in on. No confiscation of ferries or aircraft by HMRC though!

    ln my eyes HMRC/UKBA are nothing but hyenas preying on the weak. l too put them lower than any other Customs/Police l've come across and that includes border customs personnel on the Campaign Trail in Cambodia who at least were honest about the corruption ... unlike the UK lot.

  4. Crossing the channel through ferry is been a life changing experience. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done.

  5. Thanks for the nice sharing actually crossing the channel through ferry is been a life changing experience. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done.

  6. A ferry (or ferryboat) is a form of transportation, usually a boat, but sometimes a ship, used to carry (or ferry) primarily passengers. channel ferries

  7. Traveling by ferry is a rewarding experience. The journey takes place through the waters.


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