Winston Churchill falls to Anti-Smoking Fascists

How dare they airbrush out Winston's cigar? Winston and his cigar are an iconic historical image of  WW2 ... and they airbrush it out! Who? ... only the Winston Churchill's Britain at War Exhibition in Tooley St, London! Here we have a supposedly historical exhibition altering history because of their anti-smoking crusade. This is so f'ing wrong. These smarmy little righteous bastards make me physically sick. They shouldn't have a poster up of Winston ... they should have Goebbels!


  1. These bloody anti-smokers are taking the piss, surely.

  2. This isn't the first time. The Beatles Abbey Road poster was airbrushed. McCartney's cigarette was airbrushed out by the Yanks without permission from Apple Records. Coco Chanel's cigarette was airbrushed out when the film about her came out in France.

    Seems the more they get away with, the more they do. Churchill though is way over the top.

    The photo of Russian troops raising the red flag over burning Berlin was doctored. It was done to save one of the soldiers from Stalins wrath. Although Stalin had no complaints about murder or rape, he did about looting. One of the soldiers was wearing 2 watches in the original pic.

  3. History means nothing to the righteous but it goes furher than that. Truth doesn't matter to them, in fact it's totally alien to them as is freedom and democracy. Smoking Hot said the Winston Exhibition should put up a poster of Goebbels in place of Winston. They should put Stalin next to Goebbels.

  4. Isambard Kingdom Brunel had his cigar erased in the famous pic of him with his Iron ship SS Great Britain. I'm sure it was for the cheeeeldren though.

  5. Reply from Exhibition

    Dear #####,

    Thank you for your email. We would like to assure you; that we too at Winston Churchill’s Britain at War Experience

    are firmly against “airbrushing out history” and any suggestion that this is what we have been doing is very wide of the mark.

    It does appear that the image used above the main entrance has been altered from the original, although we were not aware

    of this at the museum, until the recent reports. We are sure that such an alteration would have only been made for essentially

    artistic reasons, such as not allowing a cigar to break up the outline of the face when displayed on a relatively dark street and

    certainly not with any hidden agenda, such as presenting Winston Churchill as a non-smoker.

    When you visit the museum and I sincerely hope that you will, you will see many images, photographs and models of Churchill

    both with and without a cigar. You will see that we have tried very hard to capture the sense and essence of London during the

    Blitz with our displays and exhibits and the genuineness of these is central to the museum’s purpose as a leading educational

    attraction, visited by thousands every year.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jan Rayment

    Winston Churchill’s Britain at War Museum


    Hah! made for entirely artistic reasons!

    Yeah, right!!!!

  6. They should replace the current picture with the original one, cigar included.

    Failure to do so is admitting the acceptability of rewriting history.


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