Confiscate the cigarettes! ... Drugs? ... what drugs?

lt always struck me as to the ridiculous situation we have with Customs obsession with confiscating cigarettes/tobacco. They x-ray your luggage, ask you loaded questions so they can confiscate the cigarettes/tobacco that they've seen in your luggage with the x-ray and yet ... they never search the person that owns the luggage! We've been stopped a few times but never have we been personally searched. ls it just me or do l see a big security issue here?

Playing devils advocate, if you took say 50 cartons of cigarettes and Customs stops you ... what are they worth? £1100 or thereabout?. You can argue with Customs about them till either they confiscate them or you take them home. But, and here's the but, if you were a drug dealer would you really care if they took them or not?

According to the BBC cocaine is worth £28,000 per kilogram imported into the UK @ 30% pure it's worth £66,500 per kilogram! (2006) Now given that Mr Customs man has just taken off Mr Smuggler (aka Mr Drug Dealer) £1100 of cigarettes because he 'cocked up' in his answers to Mr Customs mans questions. Mr Customs man is happy because he's got a result as he sees Mr Smuggler (aka Mr Drug Dealer) have to leave without his £1100 of cigarettes.

Mr Smuggler (aka Mr Drug Dealer) is crying as he leaves ... not through sadness that he's lost £1100 of cigarettes but because he's laughing at the 2 kilograms of cocaine (2kg = 1 bag of sugar) worth £133,000 in his coat pockets!

Ah, l hear you say ... but what if Customs have them doggies who sniff out these drugs? Well, Mr Smuggler (aka Mr Drug Dealer) has a friend who leaves the ship first and is in the front of the queue or thereabouts (ships always make foot passengers leave in groups). This 'friend' as he approaches Mr Customs man and his friends can see if there is any doggies and texts Mr Smuggler (aka Mr Drug Dealer) who is still in his cabin. lf doggies are there he hides his 2kg in cabin to be picked up on next cruise.The light panels remove very easily. l know, l used to work on ships and that's where l hid my money. He doesn't even have to get same cabin next trip as all cabins are open at disembarkation. There aren't that many of these specialist doggies y'know.

Someone tell me l'm wrong ... please! Maybe l should write a novel? Obviously got too much time on my hands and my mind is working overtime? ... or maybe, just maybe??? :)

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