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lt seems the 'Captain' from the Daytrippers forum thinks l am a scam artist. He doesn't post here or get in touch with me directly ... he just decides to pass his judgement without knowing or seemingly bothering to find the facts. Sounds as though he'd be a prime candidate for the HMRC.

The facts of the matter are:-

1. The consultancy is not a source of income, l earn my money from a different industry entirely and am free to pick and choose when and where l work. All l require is to cover travel cost, nothing more.

2. If someone wishes to use the consultancy, l will discuss their requirements and look at the viabilty of such. lf l think they are on unsafe ground, l will tell them so.

3. lf l think it is viable, l will then go into fine detail as everyone will have different circumstances.

4. lf the shopping trip still looks viable after that, it will be the customers choice whether he/she goes ahead or not.

5.lf it goes ahead, they will book their own travel and not me. No money is taken from them at this point whatsoever. l shall book my own travel.

6. l'll recommend accommodation and places to buy their goods but it is not obligatory. lt's their choice. Still no money will be taken from them. .... good scam eh?

7. We travel and l give them documentation regarding our own history re our run-ins with HMRC. l also coach them on the questions HMRC may ask.

8. We arrive at destination and after they've purchased their goods and got them do they then pay my travel costs.

9. We return together with myself as back-up in case stopped by HMRC.

10. If they purchase, say, 6 months supply, l will not allow them to travel with me again for 6 months or if they are confident enough to do it themselves after 6 months ... good for them.

Nothing is guaranteed in life but you can increase the odds in your favour. Whether a customer thinks they are good enough is for them to decide but it won't have cost them a penny if they decide not to go ... some scam, eh?

lf l've missed anything, l apologise and if l remember l'll add it later. l don't care whether people use the consultancy or not ... it's up to them. My fight is with the injustices and blatant robbery commited by a large number of HMRC officers. Anything l can do to right this ...even in some small way , is worth it. l'm at the time of life where my time is my own and am financially stable. l'll give what l can freely but l'm not that well off to become a bloody charity. The effort l'm putting into this is not small and l'm putting my head above the parapet ....  unlike others.

Oh, and Captain, may l refer you to the reply in Arkell-vs-Pressdram


  1. fuck him SH read his advice on daytripper and its bollox. no hold luggage,only 3kg, be nice to customs,be invisible to customs.must be a goonie imself.

  2. Must admit l also find this 'Captain' suspect. He pretends to be on the smokers side but pushes the HMRC guidelines all the time. HMRC mole if you ask me.

  3. Sorry SH but l did this to you. l recomended your blog to daytrippers and did same in their forum.

  4. lt matters not Danny. Daytripper is quite informative and helpful to shoppers so l don't mind being linked to it. You'll always get someone who is a pain in the ass. Usually it's an ego issue they have ... par for the course. Did you get anythng back from HMRC or have they just ignored you? ... which is also par for the course. :)


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