Smokers Happy Budget Day

Sounds strange doesn't it? ... 'Smokers Happy Budget Day' but for me it is. l've not bought any UK tobacco or cigarettes for over 20 years or so. All mine have been bought from the EU ... all duty paid but the UK Treasury gets sweet fa. l'm certainly not alone in doing this and despite the unethical tactics used by Border Force/UKBA/HMRC many thousands of people do exactly the same as me. That's many millions of pounds that the UK Treasury doesn't get it's  sweaty mitts on. What's more, people like me are invisible as smokers ... they've no way of counting us because they certainly can't use retail sales in the UK to get a figure. Most they can do is guess.

So yeah, let them put up the price of tobacco and cigarettes. Let them pontificate upon the effect this will have on smokers. Let them standardise the packaging, cover the packets with stupid images ... l couldn't care less! God knows how much money l've saved over the years by buying my smokes from the EU but it'll be a sizeable sum ... all money that l've spent on other pleasures in life.

We've taught many how to deal with Border Force in regards to briniging their own tobacco back into the UK. We even have a minibus that we take trips to purchase tobacco. Alas, that is to be no more ... we are now bringing that to close. There will be no more trips as we no longer have the time to do it. lt's been fun but that era has come to an end for us. The minibus is to be put up for sale along with it's ear deafening sound system and it's proud history. We'll miss her but l doubt Border Force will have the same sentiments :)

Oh, one more thing ... our alcohol come from the EU too. Happy Budget Day!


  1. Just arrived back in hull today ukbf out numbers about 12 of them just doing random pulls they don't even follow there own regs this is out of order Robbie

  2. Sorry to hear that SH. It is certainly the end of a era. I'm sorry that I didn't get to ride in your company. But thanks for all the hints and tips you haven given us all.


  3. So you are the tax dodging scumbag I've heard about


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