Goodnight N2D!

Those of you that have been with us for a while will know that we don't like Doncaster Robin Hood Airport (aka Sheriff of Nottingham Airport by N2D). We always found it to be a cold and unfriendly airport. For some reason l felt different about it as we parked up in the airport car park. l commented such to Zaphod.

Upon entering the airport we found there were signs advertising that there was now a smoking area after security! Yes really, they've added a smoking area!

 lt got better as we entered the area l really hated ...airport security! The mindless, miserable drones l'd been expecting to suffer had been replaced by friendly, respectful, happy staff ... l was stunned. The atmosphere of the whole place was that way. Hell, they've even got a microwave that the public can use FOC.

We wandered down to the smoking area for a cigarette or two. Then we went back into the building towards the double doors that led to the departure lounge. We were met on the stairs by 2 Border Force officers, one male one female. The male officer greeted us like a friend who we haven't seen for quite a while. Zaphod was bemused as he doesn't remember faces well at all, mind the female officer looked just as bemused. l did recognise him, he was one of the officers from our Nov 5th 2011 stop and search.(Video here ... really must complete Part 3 at some point but it's a mess so l keep avoiding it. Battery ran out on i-phone because video eats it up and so have to end with just audio ... Sony battery keeps on going for hours).

Was he genuinely friendly? Yes, l do believe he was and l'm generally a very good judge of that. The only person that suffered re the incident on Nov 5th had been this officer's boss ... perhaps that had something to do with it?

Anyway, me and this officer chatted and joked for a while. He asked where we are going and what we were going to do. Seeing as there were only 2 more flights out of Doncaster that night and both were to Poland l had no qualms about telling him. l did however say that l couldn't tell him what we were doing as there were ladies present. l did however say we were going to friend's 'sort of' nightclub. The officer laughed at this but his bemused female partner didn't seem so amused.

We then returned to departures and took the flight to Gdansk. We tried new apartments in Gdansk and we were blown over by the standard. The apartment was fantastic, very good value and excellently situated for Gdansk. We can't recommend them highly enough www.norda-apartamenty,pl We didn't use the hostal we used on our previous trip because the Polish guy Karol became incommunicado for some reason or other.

We had a great time, saw our friend Rhys and of course 'the Dude'. Night times are a little hazy but we're still smiling.

So came the time for our return to UK. I packed my bag with a bottle of FUCKOFF Vodka just in case we were stopped and searched upon our return to Doncaster ... and off we went.

Upon arrival in Doncaster, we set our recorders going before we got off the plane. We passed through passport control which was staffed by 2 female BF Officers. No questions or anything were asked of us, just friendly smiles and we were then onto the baggage carousel to collect our luggage.

So we waited ... and waited ...and waited. Everyone else got their luggage and had left. Oh oh, we thought ... here we go again, same as Nov 5th 2011.... our luggage has been x-rayed and they are holding it back. Sure enough our cases then turned up together ... no other cases on the carousel. We picked up our cases and set off for the exit. l could see a female officer standing to the side of the exits ... the self same officer that we'd seen prior to our departure from Doncaster a couple of days earlier. As we approached l could see her saying something into her radio. We passed her and headed for the Blue Channel where we would approach the ambush point.... and the 3 Border Force Officers waiting there ... this is what happened next -


  1. 'night Ma!
    'night Pa!
    'Night John Boy!
    'night Smoking Hot and Zaphod..

  2. they kept your cases back, found out who you were and then let you go! lmao

  3. Replies
    1. Really don't know what to think. Scenario was exactly the same as the Nov 5th 2011 stop. l have no doubt cases were x-rayed and put aside till last. No-one else left in terminal that l could see but us, they had at least 4 officers doing nothing .... 3 of them at ambush point ... and all they do is say 'Goodnight'???? Nice to know they have a sense of humour!

  4. Isn't there a famous Western where the two gunslingers are riding through the pass, (Cue danger music).

    We know there's gonna be an ambush.

    500 Apaches in warpaint suddenly appear on the top of the cliffs, and then...

    The Indians wave and shout, "Goodnight".

    No, I didn't think so. Doesn't work, does it?

    Somebody in UKBA has a sense of humour!

    (But many of them still rob the weak.)

    Alway, always, record everything. It's our best defence by far.

  5. Border Force will want to convict you of baccy/cigs smuggling . Last of carousel are checks on your baggage, you know it, they know it, goodnight sir shite is them letting you know the game is on

    My guess is that you are neither cigarette smugglers nor squeaky clean shoppers either and that Border Force have plenty of time to gather intelligence and then pounce when ready.

    My other prediction is that you will appear by hidden camera/voice on one of these daft programmes and get convicted of smuggling small amounts, your travel history and undercover checks like at doncaster will total it up and therefore hang you with the s.o.t being the evidence of fraud.

    You could publish your s.o.t for this trip, you decide not to as usual!, what have you to hide?

    your style Smoking Hot/Zaphod is not squeaky clean but a couple of chancers who are not proper smugglers anymore but dabbling in a bit of piss taking to get funds to pay for your love of travelling/partying and a bit of del boy dealing.

    It's a game for you guys and Border Force, the longer you play the odds shift in favour of them.

    It's either ill health retirement or a win for Border Force.

    There is a practice what you preach way with total honesty and publish details of your s.o.t on every trip and remove doubt that you are what you say you are, nah no chance it's piss taking fuck off vodka and calling a tobacconist "the dude"

    you choose this approach of fake names for you and zaphod, no details of buying habits or trip intentions, no s.o.t.

    you claim to have nothing to hide but hide everything.

    1. This is the kind of comment that I welcome.
      I'll respond at length later, I'm at work now, but I ask other commenters not to get aggressive.

      Although we do portray a "chancer" image, we actually operate this site to help regular, genuine shoppers. We want the silent casual reader to know that they are in danger of getting robbed at the border, but there are simple precautions which will keep them safe.

      Fake names? Customs know our full names. So do regular readers, and all who have travelled with us.


    2. We believe that prior disclosure to Customs of travel and intended purchases would help all honest travellers and honest Customs officers. It would only inconvenience smugglers and bent Officers.

      We have suggested it to Customs more than once. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge such disclosures. They prefer to disrupt, frighten and harrass.

      Their mission is to minimise legal cross-border shopping, and they don't care how many innocent people are hurt. This is institutional. Our mission is to expose the tactics, and protect people like my Mum. The bastards have got it coming. Get it?
      This isn't about having a laugh, it's slow, cold revenge.

      You bastards robbed my Mum, "Anonymous". You sound like one of the decent ones, but you know what your colleagues are doing. Blow the whistle, or be ashamed.

    3. @Anonymous ... how apt! lt describes Border Force perfectly. An autonomous agency that answers to no-one, has no website, a complaints dept that operates as Whitewash Central, hides it's real stats, operates policies that are in direct violation of the law and regulations, has hierarchy that is shrouded in secrecy, lies to parliament and is beyond doubt 'Not fit for purpose'.

      The day Border Force becomes transparent and open, rids itself of it's officers that are an affront to justice and decency ... and starts to operate within the law ... l'll close this website!

      l add humour when l write my articles. That it doesn't appeal to you causes me no concern whatsoever. l couldn't care less! The forumlae works for the site ... currently running at three quarters of a million pageviews!

      l particularly love your comment about our recent trip is Border Force are telling us the game is on! Hahaha, so they tell us that they are operating undercover!!! C.mon, you have to be Border Force ... where do you work?

      We'll pay you a visit ... and that's a promise!

    4. @ Anon 12.51am. Have a listen to how Border Force operate.

      She isn't a rogue officer, there's many others like her. Why is she allowed to do this because it's obvious that she is allowed to by her superiors, make no mistake. It's blatantly obvious that this is how she deals with passengers all the time. Her colleagues have to know this too. They either operate the same way or turn a blind eye to it.

      There are good officers, l've met them and talked to them but how do they justify working with people like the above?

      How does the Border Force justify fabricating evidence and conspiracy? l speak from personal knowledge of this because an officer tried to get me this way. lt's documented by the way and yes l did put a complaint in. Complaints dept did it's usual whitewash.

      That's the truth of the matter whether you like it or not. Another truth is that if Border Force operated justly and fairly ... this site would not exist.

  6. Loving the comments from anonymous.
    He claims zaphod and smoking hot are hiding behind fake names.
    Thats really rich coming from someone hiding behind anonymity.
    Keep up the good work guys it help all of us that are trying to exercise our legal rights without illegal persecution.

  7. My information request is that Smoking Hot and Zaphod provide several recent statement of truths to show how the owners of this website use the information and give a fully open and honest transparent picture of how the s.o.t fit together to virtually prove honesty and post a statement of truth before your following trips.

    the silent readers of the website can see the chancers on the piss image given, but also notice the complete lack of any facts and details despite "the guys" claiming to be honest and nothing but honest.

    providing statements of truth before trips with trip details invites customs to turn out, this will shown by video how you use the advice and how customs react to it.

    there is nothing more beneficial to see a fully open transparent operation that will give confidence to shoppers

    I belive you piss about with s.o.t,s that constantly change on wether you get pulled or not, there is a reason why you are cagey and thats is becasue you are not completely honest.

    It's your choice of pissed up party photos and drinking binge /mens clubs stories and little else where your mates know who you really are or the big picture of a totally open and honest operation.

    Border Force campaigners should not be cloak and dagger with no details posted, if you choose this credibilty wrecking approach then who can take you seriously.

    perhaps the media may take up your "cause" of whats needed to prove honesty at the borders and how customs deal with normal shoppers and how they deal with clued up shoppers, whilst you have daft logos, silly pissed up party photos, fuck off gimicky crap and litle else who will really take this up.

    One day you will have to be seen on T.V with your name attached and a fully open and transparent operation or nothing will change.

    i reckon you will settle for customs wind up merchants dabbling a bit with cigs with street cred as big drinking party animals ducking and diving.

    There is an alternative and you choose to avoid it.

    Forget Border force being less than transparent, take the plunge and do it yourselves, you own house is not in order so get that sorted before you winge about this and that

    1. Our advice works. It gets taken up. The effect is growing. Customs is feeling the pain. That's what matters.

      Our personal credibility with Customs? We don't want any. We want them to try their luck. We're a pair of chancers, us. Come on, if you think you're hard enough. Mount a surveillance operation, you'll see a few things to get excited about. Just remember, you're being monitored too. You'd better do it all by the book.

      You robbed my Mum, you shit. And you broke her. She had always trusted people in uniform. You didn't just steal her property, you made an honest woman feel ashamed. She wouldn't let me make a fuss while she was alive. Fuck you.

      See you in court, Suckers.

      SH, I've lost it. Remove this if you think you should.

    2. @ Anon

      Yeah, thought so ... ignore all references to Border Force. You'd do well in the BF Complaints Dept.

      Yes we have fun and joke about but there again Border Force are a joke themselves ... Border Farce!

      lncidentally, we've tried your approach. Went into Border Force (or as it was then UKBA << now gone too!How many more times is this going to happen, l wonder) and offered them a SOT prior to our next trip ... they refused to have anything to do with it.

      Tried it just last year with Border Force AND it's new director Brian Moore. Again, they refused to have anything to do with it.

      Also from Oct - March we took the minibus over on PO Ferries Hull 2 for 1's, one or two times a month. Can we be more in Border Force's face! The Hull-Zeebrugge ferry arrives ONCE aday. lt isn'y Dover for god's sake!

      l love the way you judge a book by it's cover ... you should read Sun Wu though l doubt you'd understand it. You simply have no idea what we do professionally. Sure, there's a possibilty that may get me or us through fabricating evidence and conspiracy but it doesn't matter ... we are no longer alone. The website/forum would simply pass on to someone else and provision has been made for this.

      We'll continue to expose Border Force for what they are. Not just us but others now.

      We've put in place a system that works for cross border shoppers ... audio recording stops/searches and SOT's. lt MAKES Border Force do it's job lawfully!

      Not that Border Force didn't try to stop it ... they now refuse to tell people about their rights to record. lt's now restricted and redacted out of any FOI requests for information on recording Border Force. Too late though ... we have it!

      So, go ahead and take a pop at us as much as you like, we really don't care. You only have supposition and speculation whilst we have documented facts and data ... from Border Force itself! Not to forget of course recordings of actual incidents!

      The MSM and others can simply take these without any reference to us at all. lt's the evidence that matters but there again Border Force don't really do evidence do they? They have the 'balance of probabilities' albeit with Border Forces thumb often on the balance! We also now have law firms asking us for this data ... albeit in confidence.

      Border Force are hurting and l'm proud to say we're responsible for some of that ... despite that we live life to the full and have fun! There again, that probably hurts them too!

    3. This anon sounds like Fritz Customs

    4. Sorry Martin but I don't see how Anon could be Fritz. Fritz, in the short time he was with us, was very aware that he 'represented' his uniform and spoke accordingly. Anon is just giving us the next episode of "From Our Man Under The Bridge"....frankly I'm amazed that either SH or Zaphod can be bothered to answer him. I certainly can't...and for the record I have published all my personal details here before last time we had some kiddiot troll posting here.

    5. BD ... it's not just replying to Anon. We have to consider that when readers come here and see someone like anon posting accusations and us not responding ... it looks bad. Some of our readers don't know that anon is spouting diatribe and have to be told and informed. Saying that, l will only respond so far as l deem necessary.

      lf this is Fritz he's had a brain transplant!

    6. Troll will be treat as spam as he was before. Caliing people who post here 'moronic cretins' is par for the course for the troll.

  8. Freedom Of InformationFriday, April 19, 2013 2:54:00 pm

    The fully transparent operation which is totally honest has nothing to do with the Border Force, you can choose to publish these details on the website without asking anyone. My approach is for SH and Zaphod to publish the details themselves.

    This approach will show honesty and credibilty to readers as well as Border Force, although my main reason is that shoppers should be able to see the amounts you buy,the frequency of travel and the personal use or gifts angle and how your statements of truth stack up and are connected and how you invite customs to turn up at exact times to go head to head with you, and how you use all the tips and advice given at the front line

    What is the problem with being open and honest and showing shoppers how regular trips to buy tobacco and cigs with facts and details and videos by the website owners really work.

    you will no doubt remain cagey and dodgy and call anyone with awkward questions Border Force.

    I agree the Border Force have rouges operating as bullies, unfortunately SH/Zaphod just appear like a couple of smartarse cretins on the piss and on the make who naively think they can get somewhere with a campaign that hides far more than it shows.

    If you are scared or refuse to publish statements of truth on your own webiste and refuse to give these details i have requested that will show shoppers the full picture with facts and details and how they apply to real people in real situations then you have something to hide.

    There is nothing to be gained from border force seeing these details, there is no benefit for anyone except shoppers seeing the full pictue with facts and details and you have nothing to lose if you are honest.

    "The MSM and take what they want without any reference to us at all"

    that comment says it all Smoking Hot- you have no intention of ever being open and honest, i judge the website by its content and you have proven with facts that you avoid being transparent open and honest but cagey del boy characters who piss take.

    Your choice your credibilty.

    1. **Yawn** zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    2. It's someone who uses the word "rogue", and spells it "rouge".
      I recognise that.
      Was that Fritz's foible, or was it the troll?

      Whoever it is, is just talking, not listening. He's come here to make speeches.

    3. Whatever Zaphod. We no longer have to address the spam that used to come with it. We recently found we couldn't stop the 'spam robots' and reluctantly had to put in the 'captcha' tool for comments. l can easily live with that so no worries.

    4. anon gotta be a goonie cos he uses the goonies fav word credible. lol

    5. Yes Harry, l think that's the first word they teach 'trainees' and then teach this 'lt's not credible ... blah blah blah'. We see it all the time in their 'evidence' for Condemnation Proceedings.

  9. Replies
    1. Ah yes, l forgot. Blocked Dwarf constantly reminds people of Königsberg too.

    2. "Ah yes, l forgot. Blocked Dwarf constantly reminds people of Königsberg too."

      Yes! And don't get me started on the obscenity of the Beneš decrees!

    3. S.H, have you SEEN Königsberg of late?

      We don't WANT it back!!!!

      Why would any country take on a whole "COUNTY" that makes most "social housing areas" (Toxteth/Runcorn/Egremont(Cumbria) look like luxury flats?

    4. *snork* Yep, Vater-in-Law (fled K'berg as a teenager) says pretty much the same thing -although his analogies are somewhat more colourful and less English in reference.

      Then he goes all misty eyed and recounts how he and his brother would pour the petrol out of the dudd Allied Incendiary Bombs and sell it on the Black Market or how he and his Dad ran from the Kettenhunde or how they were strafed, as refugees on the run, by Russian fighter planes. Or how Mutter-in-Law, as young girl, carried her dead baby sister in her arms half way across Germany.

      I tend to remember that when I hear someone these days grizzling about having had a deprived childhood because their parents, SHOCK HORROR, smoked in car...

    5. B.D. Thanks! I enjoyed that! :-) :-)

      Oh so true!

  10. Troll well and truly pwned!

    1. I am suspecting the troll to be one of the people I know, perhaps not. But if so I can assure you it is not him. Also this particular goon is clearly unaware of the forum where sample SOT's are freely available. I would not be at all @mazed if it was not FRITZ, or just a goon whos new job title is Chief of Website Monitoring and Harassment. Or is that credible???
      RINCON, (Don't know how to reply with my normal username so using alter ego)

  11. This site wouldn't exist if is wasn't for the behaviour of certain UKBA/F officers.

    I, for one, wouldn't have found the site had it not been for the attitude of a 30 year old jobsworth telling me he could ask me any question he liked.

    Shame he hadn't (a) been taught some manners and (b) the check-in procedures at Coquelles where he was working.

    Sitting round for 30 minutes, whilst 5 officers stood round chatting and no other vehicles were stopped, didn't improve this, then, 76 year old's opinion of BA/BF so I decided it'll never happen again and we now travel fully prepared based on advice from this site.

    I use a nickname but, as I've had it since 1957, am I really hiding [:-)

    Videos and sound recordings have to be edited as officers have the right to not be filmed and certain personal details also have to be removed.

    Might I suggest that calling people who post here " moronic cretins" hardly adds weight to your arguments.

    Throwing toys out of pram springs to mind.

  12. No SOT's shown ? Surely just being schooled in how to compile one and having it checked by the "cretins" for accuracy is all that is needed ? Why would anyone need to see someone else's SOT ? It would probably not relate to one's own circumstances anyway. And finally, being fortunate enough to actually meet both of the "cretins" mentioned here and being schooled in how to conduct myself if ever I am unfortunate enough to have to deal with some of the more over zealous goons I can safely say that all their advice would result in me walking away with all my legally obtained goods. AND THAT IS WHAT MATTERS MOST

  13. LMAO trolls posts keep getting deleted.

    Hey troll, everytime you come here you'll see this.

    You're a tosser!

  14. Just FUCK off! Go and spam a "Sponge Bob" site, or something. It appears to be on your level of.... "intelligence".

  15. XX My take is "Carefull as you go" Prodding a sleeping lion is filled with danger.XX

    Or, as the Chinese say "Treading on the tail of a Tiger."

    1. My take is ... 'All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing'

  16. Only a complete imbecile would display their personal details as suggested by this "anonymous" troll. l am very security conscious and go as far as shredding any letters before l throw them in the bin. l advise others to do the same.

  17. I don't know why the troll thinks (if he can) he has to continually repost the names of the N2D editors and mine- although I take it as a compliment that he includes me in the list.

    Our names aren't secret, hell, Zaphod has even been on the radio in his role as an N2D Editor. Pretty much everyone on the bbs, and the regulars here, knows our real names and mine is listed quite openly under the Whois for N2D.ME.

    I really don't see why he, the troll, thinks anyone is interested. Nor do I understand while he feels it necessary to dispense with normal netiquette.

    I guess this is what happens when parents allow their children unsupervised access to the net.

  18. The troll, (forgive the cliche), needs a life.

    Perhaps it could start a blog about cross-border shopping, and show us how to do it right?

    It has at least one opinion.It could share that opinion with anyone who might be interested! (Instead of daubing repetitive graffiti in other people's space.) It might even find a reader interested in The Opinion! But its reader shouldn't comment, because the troll can only write and speak, it cannot read or listen. Output only.

    Does it work for Customs? It is pig-headed enough, and it would clearly appreciate having some power. I doubt that it's the harpy in the recording, (previous post), though. I'm sure it's the same old troll crawled out from under its stone. The one that tries to use the word "rogue", but spells it "rouge".

    I'm not good with faces, but I never forget an embarrassing habitual spelling mistake.

    I suppose if someone doesn't have friends, they can give their life meaning by desperately trying to irritate people who do. It's the vandalism mentality.

    It spoke, we listened, we answered, it put its fingers in its ears and repeated itself ad nauseam. It thinks it's interacting with real people! Just like a conversation! Cheap thrills!

    We've heard what the troll has to say. Not a single one of us is interested. It should get itself a new blow-up doll, and try to impress that.

  19. That about sums it up, Zaphod. You are not good with faces but you seem to recognise the Troll which suggests that you are good with 'feces.'

  20. "Smoking Hot
    Saturday, April 20, 2013
    12:27:00 pm

    Troll will be treat as spam as he was before."

    Man sez what he's gonna do and does it. Kudos

  21. So what if these are the names of our 'hosts'? I've met nearly all of them; I've travelled with some of them, and they are genuine honest people who don't like being treated unfairly by UKBA/F/whoever.
    They all smoke; they all legally buy baccy/cigs abroad, as is their right, and they show other shoppers how to do the same.
    I don't smoke, but I give baccy as gifts.
    Why the fuck do you need to troll?

  22. Chrisitne? FFS! Chrisitne? This fucking prickless dumbfuck of a troll can't read or fucking write! Who the fuck is Chrisitne? My name is all over this blog and this wanker still can't get it right!

  23. Troll wankfest comments removed courtesy of JUSSY!

  24. your N2D hosts are

    Steve Clark-Shepherd- Smoking Hot
    Mick Walker- Zaphod
    Adi Raschkewitz-Blocked Dwarf
    Chrisitne Hawkins- freebird jussy

    1. Mate, you've even had your spelling mistakes pointed out to you, and you still can't get it right!
      So, what is your purpose in repeating yourself ad nauseam?

    2. Possibly best to now totally ignore the troll posts and allow our hosts to deal with them.

    3. Is there a troll here, Nadger? I hadn't even noticed.

  25. Oh dear, the troll has shit itself again. I suppose somebody better clean it up.

    Ah, sod it, I'll pretend I haven't noticed, and let SH do it when he's got time.

  26. your N2D hosts are

    Steve Clark-Shepherd- Smoking Hot
    Mick Walker- Zaphod
    Adi Raschkewitz-Blocked Dwarf
    Christine Hawkins- freebird jussy

  27. Jussy obviously frightened the troll.
    It has now corrected the spelling of "Christine" in its usual graffiti excretion.

    I'm still waiting for it to give us a link to its own blog, where it can show us how to do it properly.

    Those that can, do.
    Those that can't...vandalize?

  28. Zaphod, I'm thinking its own blog might be that rather lame and dangerously wrong, half arsed, 'copy' of us-namely by the spelling mistake anyways.

  29. FFS! This shit for brains, prickless, dumbfuck troll still can't get it right. Who the fuck is Chrisitne?, Christine? or any other variaton! That is NOT my fucking name! lt's JUSSY!

    Troll wankfest comments removed courtesy of JUSSY!

  30. You upset it there, BD! A fit of projectile vomiting and head spinning round! (Somebody's cleaned it up now, I see.)

    A "rather lame and dangerously wrong, half arsed, 'copy'" it certainly is.
    Also pointless. Unless the point is the revenue from the ambulance-chaser adverts?

    It's clearly studied our blog, but never done a trip itself.

    "Allowances", ffs?

    1. Ah, it was Jussy that cleaned up. Thanks, Jussy. x

    2. No probs honey, leave it to me. l'll keep doing it to this dipshit wanker of a troll who still can't get the fucking names right!

      Troll wankfest comments removed courtesy of JUSSY!

  31. PMSL @ knobhead troll. 10 days and it still doesn't get the fucking joke. What a sad fuck troll.

  32. After the Troll started posting Addresses at least the "Silent Readers" ,that the Troll claims to want to reach, will know the sort of person he/she/it is.

    Firstly the addresses aren't in anyway secret - I know for a fact that half the bbs has SH's, Zaphod's and mine. Infact anyone who has a reason for needing it...and that's the point. Almost no blogger publishes his full postal address online. Hell I doubt that those on Twatter and FaceAche post their addresses-although I wouldn't know because I'm neither American, gay nor a teenager so I don't use either.

    Any "silent reader" who has seen the Troll's latest lameness now knows exactly what sort of sad sad twat he is.

    And just for the record my own address is public knowledge and won't be valid after next week.

    Streetview? Amusing, well mildly amusing, linky to me getting caught by the Google Car? But of course

  33. If I was as insecure as the troll, I'd be gratified that somebody was so compulsively desperate to get my attention.

    But I'm not insecure, so I'm merely bemused by its obsession.

    Doesn't it have anything else to do? (Silly question, I suppose.)

    We'll just have to regard this as the price of celebrity, I guess. A rejected wannabe fan turns into a tedious bore. What next? Stealing underwear from my washing line?

  34. Don't feed the troll folks! lt craves attention no matter what form it comes in. Return to the forum where the troll is outside. Not because we've forced it outside but it's a coward that hides behind a proxy.

    ln other words, the troll bans itself! As Jussy would say ... PMSL!

    The forum has been such a success that commenting here has fallen dramatically anyway. ln just under 3 years the blog has had 5026 comments, whereas the forum in less than 6 months stands at 7252. Speaks for itself.

    From now, not only will the trolls inane posts be deleted but any posts referring to it also. Refer to it in the forum if you so wish ... but not here!

    @Alcantara ... your post was deleted by mistake ... oop's ... sorry.

    1. No problem SH; it referred to 'it' anyway, so needed taking down ;)

  35. Do you get a lot of spam SH? My blog is swamped with it.

    1. We were doing and so we put in the 'captcha' feature for comments. That got rid of 99.9% of the spam. We still get some as you can see from above but it's no problem. Just keep the comments page open in your dashboard ... one click and the spam is gone. Takes no effort at all once the captcha feature is enabled.

      Actually l find it quite therapeutic knowing the spammers/trolls have had to put in far more effort what with the captcha and all.

    2. It worked a treat! No spam at all now. Thx


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"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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