Council threaten to close down 8 day old blogsite with injunction

l cannot see anything wrong with the site other than they are embarrassing the council! Pop over and have a look and see what you think.

Think this needs the Streisand Effect imho.


  1. People who are given power do tend to believe that they should be above criticism or exposure. That seems to be at the root of a lot of problems in modern times.

    How irritating for them, that the internet came along just when they were really getting going. :-)

    1. Thank you Zaphod, but why is your moderator Nadger not blocking thiscpost on your Forum.
      Seems to me that violation of the road traffic laws have less to do with cross border shopping than the posts he constantly blocked from me. POSTS I TOOK TIME OUT TO WRITE.

      Zaphod Saturday, March 02, 2013 8:15:00 am

      People who are given power do tend to believe that they should be above criticism or exposure. That seems to be at the root of a lot of problems in modern time

      SEND THIS TO nadger please

  2. lts on speakers corner where it should be :-)

    1. As I remember George always posted on speakers column anyway. But that was not allowed

  3. Free speech curtailed once more,
    ***** People who are given power do tend to believe that they should be above criticism ****
    Exectly SH so please don't knock the traffic wardens, The customs officers, the Police until you take a long look at yourself.

    Your blog, if you don't like comment then its easy to block the comment section, I NEVER DID, nor did I remove any comments, EVER

    1. I alway's use my own name, Never been known to use multi I/D.
      I tell the truth and don't hide behind lies.
      I don't have or need an alter ego.


  4. Replies
    1. You can't post when you are banned ffs!

    2. If you remember SH I never applied to take part in the Forum, Not my style, You included me, I requested you remove my name and posts prior to Nadger fool telling me I was banned, Unless contributers can post their thoughts and observations without silly vindictive blocking and editing then you should restrict posters to yourself and the nadger.
      Its becoming a laughing stock now

    3. No-one forced you to post! Removing your posts now would remove the thread and other peoples posts and l cant see N2D doing that. You're right about laughing stock but it ain't N2D that people are laughing at.

    4. No-one forced you to post!*********

      Thats true SH/Marlboro but when I posted I was not aware of Police/Customs/ DSS Informers within the members list.
      I am now,
      5th Columists and them that spy from within. YOU KNOW WHO
      Not sure about you SH/Marlboro, you seem to get away with a lot and double I/d with same Isp address, Dodgy Dodgy.

      In East Belfast you would be seen as a man to be watched and kept at arms langth. "DODGY DODGY" WOULD BE THE WORD ON THE STREET.

  5. George, what is your point about ID? Customs know for sure who SH and Z are, as our own cases are frequently referred to.

    In the case of this Council battle, there are MORE than enough specific references to the case, to leave no doubt of ID for the Council concerned.

    Nobody is hiding from the enemy.

    Also, we both use our own names on the bus trips, as do most, (all?) travelers.

    I'm one of those people who keeps a healthy distance from my neighbours. I don't want to discuss politics with them. Unless they're interested in the issues concerned, they don't need to know about my life and battles. I've lived in the same house for 27 years, and I like to keep local feuds to a minimum.

    I don't choose my neighbours, they are a random accident. I do choose the company I keep on the internet. You and I can have a good argument without it leading to one reporting the other to the bloody Council cos a hedge needs cutting!

    Good fences make good neighbours. My neighbours don't need to know who I am on the internet. They know my given name. You know my chosen name. You are the company I choose to share my thoughts with, they are not.

    I'm not a sociable guy. I only want to talk about what matters to me. With people who have similar interests. My neighbours don't know me, and you do. I like to keep it that way.

    That's the way I am. Other people are different.

    1. On a personal note Zaphod, It has now been established beyond doubt that the six month back stop rule applies in Scotland as well as England, Legal papers are in the process of being delivered to Shepherd & Wedderburn solicitors regarding them bringing the condemnation proceedings that they well knew to be time-barred and illegal, They were four months too late.
      I shall be seeking damages of five figure sum for stress, expenses and damage to my health and well being.
      plus if this solicitors have billed the public purse for an illegal action, this could well turn into a massive fraud investigation


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