Yes, I Know It's Illegal But ...

Does my wife and 2 daughters have these? ... ah, that would be telling. Personally, l think these are a wonderful piece of kit. I know for a fact that if my girls go out that the one thing they will never forget to take is their i-phone. Furthermore, it is invariably readily accessible as they seem to be constantly on the phone!

The device can be armed or disarmed depending where you are so no accidental discharge. However, if one is walking at night to a friends house, for a taxi after a night out etc then the device can be armed in a moment.

These devices are available in the USA and you can even take them on flights. Yes, you read that right ... you can take them on flights.

However, in the UK they are illegal because one is not allowed to carry any useful defensive products. The supposed reason for this is that 'criminals' could acquire and use them.  Errrr .... criminals already do, the clue as to the 'why' is in the word 'criminals'.

That leaves my girls between the criminals who are 'armed' and the police who are 'armed'. lf an incident occurs, my girls are expected to depend on the cavalry (police) arriving in time to save the day. Yeah, that's going to happen ...not! The police invariably arrive after the incident to pick up the pieces ... if they arrive at all, that is.

The choice to you and your loved ones is either carry something to defend yourself, albeit illegally, or run the risk of becoming a victim. Which would you choose?

My family have made their choice :)

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  1. Fill one with cigarette smoke. That should scare off the drones better than anything and give the fuzz the heebejeebies to boot.

    1. l'm afraid that's illegal too! "Any weapon of whatever description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other thing" is a Prohibited Weapon, under S.5 of The Firearms Act 1968.

      Sheer madness!


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