**UPDATED** Cigarettes in Poland. Our trip to Gdansk.

Cigarettes are cheap in Poland ... approx £24 per carton of 200. These are for British brands like L&B, Marlboro etc. The only problem is availability as it's a hit and miss affair if you just turn up on the off chance of the tobacconists having stock. For that reason, we went ourselves to source a tobacconist we can depend on.  We have had a couple of tobacconists but to be honest they never seemed interested in bulk purchases.

So we organised ourselves to go over. The trip itself cost us £200 and that was for 2 including accommodation. we stayed at the Happy Seven Hostel and we liked it. Flights were with Wizzair from Doncaster.

When we arrived in Gdansk, we were met by Karol who is from Happy Seven. We'd arranged with him to pick us up from the airport. The price he charges is excellent ... just £10! This takes away a lot of the hassle because you don't have to worry about bus transfers, lugging your luggage around ... blah, blah, blah.

The Hostel is in a great location and close to virtually everything ... all within walking distance. Our room was great and en-suite. Karol and the staff are very helpful and accommodating. The facilities are excellent as you will see on the link above. Our only complaint would be that there was no microwave in the Deluxe building and just a cooking hob. For guys like us, a cooking hob is of little use ... we prefer microwaves as they are quick and easy.

Karol speaks perfect English and is very knowledgable and will help you out with anything. Just ask him and he'll do his best give you what you want.

One thing to remember is to take the local currency with you as payment is by cash and this goes for most Hostels in Poland. (UPDATE ... Karol tells me Happy Seven DO accept credit/debit cards. The receptionist misinformed us)

Whilst l'm on about the Hostel l'd like to bring up another point. For some reason the Poles have gone overboard with the smoking ban .... even though many, many Poles smoke. l don't know why this is. The Bulgarians are totally opposite and even though they have smoking bans, they choose to ignore them. l'd like to see the Hostels in Poland accomodate smokers more ... a couple of smoking rooms would be nice and if that's not possible perhaps a smoking common room?

There is equipment available that is not expensive that removes tobacco smoke very efficiently. This won't please the non-smokers but hell ... what does?

Anyway, back to the trip. Our friend Reese lives in Gdansk and he had sourced a tobacconist who he recommended. We went to meet him and let me tell you ... he's great. We call him 'The Dude' because that's who he reminds us of!

We are just sorting out details with him to make it easy for you to get the goods you want and we'll put that up as soon as possible. ln the meantime, if you e-mail us we'll try and help you out.

We had a great time in Gdansk, the city is full of things to see and do ... and the night life is second to none. We had an absolute ball ... we're still recovering! lf you want to know more, go over to our forum as we'll be saying more there shortly.

We thoroughly recommend Gdansk!

Full account now on our forum


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  6. Do you still have the dudes contact details as im in poland this weekend, thanks

  7. Do you still have the dudes contact details as im in poland this weekend, thanks

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