Why Plain Packaging Should Be Avoided At All Costs

On the left, we have the plain packaged Dreadful Arnott of ASH ... and on the right, we have the non plain packaged Angela Harbutt of FOREST.

Enough said! :) 

You can watch it here if you are so inclined


  1. LMAO

    You got that right, SH!

  2. I went on Danny Alexander MP
    Chief Secretary to the Treasurys website

    Pressed the butoon on left
    “Make a Donation”

    and paid 9 [nine] pence into his account using PayPal.

    I urge everyone to send tuppence to Danny.

  3. Love it. Made my day guys. Thx

  4. A wise choice SH, lovely Angela is easy on the eye, although a fairer comparison age wise would have been Pat nurse.

    Enough said !!

    1. Age has been very kind to Arnott ... she looks the way she always has! ... and it suits her!

  5. Do they actually believe all this crap they spout ?

  6. And they say smoking ages you!

  7. Actually, look what the BBC did there with the camera angles. The camera on Arnott is looking slightly up at her, whereas the camera angle on Angela looks downwards. Subtle huh?

    1. Ah but once more, they blew it. Dreadful towers over the city like Godzilla's uglier sister while Angela looks the heroine who eventually defeats the evil monster.

      They haven't been keeping up with what Hollywood have been doing with those camera angles ;)

  8. FFS whats Arnott doing with the open shirt? Who the f**k wants to see them? Someone should tell her to convert to lslam and do us all a favour by wearing a hijab.

  9. Arnott's breakfast?
    A pint of vinegar, half a lemon and a bag of wasps!
    What a sour-faced, bitter, blue-stockinged prod-nose.
    She's a caricature of herself!

  10. Well fancy that!, Dreadful spouts out smoking kills and Angela says everybody knows all this stuff about fags being dangerous anyway so there is no need for this new packaging.

    Woah steady on Anglela, there is quite a substantial smoking denial cult that believe absolutely nothing like that, smoking has never killed anyone, it's all lies , lies and more lies.

    Pop over to Frank Davis blog and you will find smoking denial groomers who appear to have convinced themselves that smoking is harmless. those nutters are like wind-up alien abduction pranksters who post daft stories on forums and then convince themsleves it really did happen.

    Dreadful knows full well that the pro smoking lobby are infested with denial groomers and enjoys teasing the likes of Mark littlewood and Angela Harbutt into agreeing with her facts about smoking and then watch them squirm about it being a good idea that children don't see the truth on fag packets.

    Angela looked like a fish out of water, squirming and spluttering, fluttering her eyes saying "i'm confused about all this"....yeah we know!!!.

    Look Angela and the rest of the wannabe t.v smoking rights experts....Dreadful spells it out in that deadpan style of hers clearly and slowly with umpteen facts on her lips ready to be fired off....you really do need to have a proper thought out argument or stay clear of a head to head with her.

    1. The only fish visible was the trout called Arnott. As for the rest of your diatribe, you can shove it! We're not interested.

  11. Morning all,

    l've just come accross your site whilst looking for coach prices to Belgium and l have to say l'm rather impressed.

    l've been reading the bloggs going right back to the beginning and again l have to say, l'm rather impressed. A good sprinkling of nutters is what makes the world go round eh ....

    Officially the European borders came down in January 1993 though some countries took a while to kick it into effect.
    Legally one would assume this to mean that if you bought something from one of our European friends yards, you have payed any relevant tax in that yard and as we are now all 'one big yard' you should have legitimacy to bring it honme to your own yard without 'let or hinderance' or any interference what so ever from customs.

    At around the same time or not long after, a guy had a haul of burn, cigs and bevvy taken from him and appealed the confiscation. lt was quite a large consignment as l recall, somewhere in the region of £30k (though l could be wrong and it could've been only £3k but l think l'm right) l think it went as far as the high court where the judge ruled that, were someone to go on holiday say twice a year, it is unreasonable to expect their tobacco/alcohol allowance to be sufficient to last them till their next trip and evryone likes to save money. lndeed the duty free shopping adds to experience of taking a holiday.
    He found in this guys favour and so he won his appeal. The judge then ruled that the tobacco allowance be upped to 80kg, cigs to 800 and alcohol to, l think, 3ltr.


  12. £30,000 would be a very large purchase even by todays prices. Even so, £3k would also be large back then. Can't think that the judge would recommend 80kg as that too far exceeds anything l've ever heard. The 800 changed to 3200 with the Hoverspeed case but is now back to 800

  13. On a quite different topic.
    You know SH with Andrew Mitchell incandescent about police making up evidence it might be a very good time indeed to send him a couple of dossiers about border staff, notebooks, non-recorded interviews, lying and exceeding authority etc.
    If you can persuade him that the type of corruption he experienced is widespread lower down the ladder of authority figures with looser management and a culture designed to reward 'scalps' to increase their appearance of efficiency rather than honesty then you might gain a long term voice in higher places.

  14. If you haven't got fed up with plain packaging, here are two I've designed.

    Let me wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

    Thanks for all your hard work.



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