Anna Raccoon's Explosive Duncroft Post!

Please go have a read ... it's investigative journalism and l'm sure you won't be disappointed!

(So much for Andrew Marr dismissing bloggers as "inadequate, pimpled and single" loners who rant about the world from the safety of their mothers' basements.)


  1. Mr Marr, would you like fries to go with those words? Ketchup?

  2. Please, do start with part one, and work through. It's well worth it.
    (The explosion is in part four.)

    If there's anyone out there who isn't familiar with Anna's blog, rest assured that she is rock-solid.

  3. Aye. I reccomend it as well....for what that may, or may not be worth. :-)

  4. This was the biggest load of **** I have ever read, sounds like a group of sour faced women who were upset that'their' school had been slated. If there was any wrong doing then let the police do their job. Enough of this trial by journalism.

  5. Odd to give her such credence, considering she's been outed before.

  6. I've been following Anna Raccoon for years. She has upset a few people. Some of them, (unsurprisingly), have mounted a sustained attack to discredit her.

    Anna Raccoon is rock-solid. I don't agree with all of her opinions, and sometimes tell her so. I do, without reservation, trust her to only speak the truth.

  7. +3 Now the witch hunt really starts. Glitter was an easy target although because he's alive they may have to actually get evidence but don't count on it. Glitter is the green light for police to make other 'arrests' on celebrities from that era. lt's showtime folks!

  8. So who 'outed' her before 'anon'? Some damn fool who hated her exposure of the Hollie Greig case for what it is - another load of codswallop from the lizard-consorters.

  9. Anna Raccoon (AKA Susan Nundy) is a peadophile apologist who has ganged together with a few old girls from Duncroft, none of which were there when Savile abused girls. They have tried discreditting the evidence by discreditting the accussors with the help of the old headmistress (who permitted his visits)and by printing peoples names and personal details...Foul Play in my book, try google to check if she is "Rock Solid" LOL

    1. Oh please , just fuck off!

    2. Racoon is a proven liar and a shill and I hve proof SO FUCK OFF.

      Like her shill pal Watkins always dying fae cancer but never fucking DIES.

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