If Carlsberg Did Baccy Trips :)

The time is fast approaching when we will be booking the Hull-Zeebrugge trips. We aim to make these trips fun as well as being the best trips anywhere bar none. The minibus is now equipped with not only a great sound system but TV and video/dvd, USB phone charging points, tea, coffee and biscuits, fridge, blankets, wheelchair storage and computer. The computer will run presentations linked through the TV (disembarkation Hull) for those passengers that need reminding of what to do if stopped by UK Border Force. We'll also be carrying digital recorders for those that 'forgot' to bring one. Subject to demand, we'll hold a seminar onboard the ferry.

For those that book with us, we shall e-mail a checklist of what we expect from them ... namely Statement of Truth and supporting docs although we will be carrying copies of important FOI's etc anyway.

We shall be doing the route along the coast re Ostende, Adinkerke etc and visiting places of interest. Not all the trips will be the same as it depends on our passengers where we go ... well, as much as possible anyway.   (I don't think l could face Brugges though  ) We shall of course be visiting the tobacco shops somewhere en route for those that want to purchase tobacco etc.

Word of warning ... these trips are not for idiotic 'runners' etc. Not only are they a complete pain in the ass and put the rest of the passengers and us (the minibus) at risk but we don't condone smuggling in any form whatsoever. So, if you are a 'runner' etc ... we don't want you ... period!

Depending on how far you are away from us (Hull) and how many there are of you will be crucial. We are trying to keep the costs down so we've come up with this :- Say you live in the Manchester area, for us to pick up 4 people would mean 4 trips totalling 400+ miles and 8hrs + driving time. That's unrealistic for us. So what we propose is for you to come to us in your car and we'll secure park it up near to the port so you don't have the port parking fees .... and we'll give you discount on the trip. I think that's fair. Please note that you have to be a N2D Social Club member to come on these trips as that is the only way we could do it regarding complying with all the regs and insurance etc.

We should be able to book from mid September with P/O and what exactly is the price we will have to wait for P/O to tell us ... but it will be 2 for 1's so it will be cheap.

So, contact N2D SC now ...  
bob@n2d.me.uk   if you are interested in the Oct trips. We also aim to do it throughout the low season up to the end of March 2013. Dates will have to be decided as we will be doing trips for such as the Hull Submariners Association within the UK too.

Welcome aboard m'hearties. Let's have some fun ........ savvy?  

Oop's l forgot ... of course you CAN smoke on the bus!

For membership of N2D Social Club go here www.n2d.me.uk/member.html

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  1. Come on folks, you know you want to book, so do it. The first trip was brilliant I need to renew my papers before I can make the next trip and I don't need any more baccy, but I am tempted to go just for the jolly.

  2. I would hope to be joining you soon on one of your trips just before Christmas if you have one. You have worked extremely hard on behalf of beleaguered smokers, leaving nothing to chance with regard to negotiating the UKBA and their ilk.

    I’m disappointed however that other sites have not given prominence to your efforts for doing nothing more than give great advice (which cannot be found elsewhere) to people who have no option other than to travel abroad and buy a perfectly legal product called tobacco.

    Your efforts are very much appreciated – thanks.

    1. Thanks JJ. TBH we've about done all we can do. lt's up to others now to spread the word. We've tried everything we can think of to get this info out and l don't think we can do anymore. All that's left for us is to get the word out into the real world with stuff like our minibus. A great many people don't go on the internet at all and others just to look at vids, listen to music and do this social networking stuff.

      Atleast we can say we did what we could :)

    2. most of them are wannabe politicians or wannabe in those circles. Clark is one of them. best off without em cos you cant trust them anyway. they'll never watch your back. more likely to stab it.


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