Partytime at N2D! **UPDATED**

lt's partytime folks! lt's my sister's birthday, Queen's Jubilee and a little matter of OUR BIRTHDAY!

We celebrate 2 years of Nothing 2 Declare!

So not much getting done around here ... we're on a mission! ... and this little 3 Litre beaut is it!


Of course the Gov and Health Fascists say ...

Hahaha ... not a chance! Now if you totalled them ... maybe :) 

Taking Gran to the party!


  1. CONGRATZ! You and Zaphod deserve to have the sort of Smokey Drinky that leaves scars, bills and ASBOs in its wake. Had You said in advance then I would have sent a bottle of something on its merry way to the Northern Barren Wastelands Of Hell...oops I mean 'Hull'(easy mistake to make.)
    N2D has saved me and mine a small fortune this last 24 months. Without your advice I would be rolling prison style ciggies with chinese fake tobacco or cutting up dog ends to make 'baccy' not smoking premium quality tobacco as tubed straights.

  2. Consider yourself a Guest of Honour in absentia, BD.

    There'll be no touching up of rust spots with Hammerite today. Probably not tomorrow, either.

    SH got hold of a light-up "No Smoking" sign off a plne. We're gonna wire it up in the bus so we can turn it off.

    1. Congratulations on staying out of jail for two years boys and girls, The anniversary of two years since the Looney Goonie robbed me passed on the 20th May a whole week ago and her and I are still celebrating, When I got home my compo cheque was waiting, I turned it into proper money and booked another holiday, In Majorca this time, Cost me £20 to change it, But now in my hipper and it would be a brave man who would get it off me.
      However many thans all at Nothing 2 declare, you showed me the way and encouraged me to slog on
      ,,,,,,,,,IT WOS N2D WOT WON IT,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. "SH got hold of a light-up "No Smoking" sign "

    ...I sense a story here.

    1. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the no-smoking sign has been switched off. You may now smoke" :)

  4. 2 years and the dream is nearly reality, smoking hot tours with passengers.


  5. now you want a sign,saying "no smoking signs allowed" congrats guys,keep up the good work,i will get you a drink when i meet ya,on ferry,:)xx

  6. YES boys I really think you have changed things, you have showed the Prolaterat they have a weapon to fight back against these thugs employed to terrorise the innocent, The mobile digi recorder is indeed a powerful tool, I have never had a chance to use mine again as the Goonies seem to shy away when I pass through, But if I do I shall be cool, calm collective, I am hearing well over 50% of cases that go to court in Scotland result in a loss for the UKBA, INTERESTING THAT IF I CAN CONFIRM IT.

  7. All aboard
    Saxons,Angles,Picts,Celts,anyone with blood and guts
    The NorthGoths invite all (ALL) to a MIDSUMMER NIGHTS
    DREAM ,CRUISE OF THE FREE on the longest day 20/21th June Hull to Zeebrugge Depart WED 20th
    Talent Competition on the outer red deck (Aft) at 9pm
    Free drink for the best rendering of
    Marlene Dietrich's "Ich rauche noch eine Cigarette"
    "Smoke gets in your eyes"
    Special welcome to our Southern Keyboard Warriors
    not forgetting some of our Northern Facebook Fusiliers
    See you ALL aft

    The Free Corps

  8. Congrats on a great 2 years!

  9. Smoking ban has been introduced in Bulgaria with an almost complete adherance to the the new ban

    1st june 2012.

    i would have thought a country full of gypsies and corruption would have been a haven for non compliance, it appears i was wrong.

    1. They aren't complying just like the last time a ban was tried. They are like the Greeks.

  10. Happy Birthday.

    On the day we rip up the ECA72, I will be standing on the other side of the argument and demanding you pony-up the relevant duty. I don't care about whether you smoke or not; only how to raise revenue for the Defence of the Realm.

    Until that Glorious Day I applaud your efforts to make sure that the State sticks to the box-specs of free movement of goods as presented in 1972 and wish much power to your axle.

    1. Until that day then WOAR ... although l may surprise you on such a day.

      Thanks for the greetings. xxx


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