Possibly The Greatest Baccy Coach Trip In The UK

Our Bus Hostesses?
We are considering purchasing a 15-17 seater minibus and forming a Social Club. The minibus would be insured for any driver over 25, have RAC breakdown cover, insured for EU use, smoking and drinking allowed (perhaps mandatory), wheelchair access, EU Sat Nav and so on.

We would do the Hull and Dover routes (possibly others) and these would be open to any members. You would have to register as a member of the club and would then be issued with a membership card.

The Dover routes have good deals for group bookings as does P&O Hull. Any group bookings over 10 and the minibus goes free.

The Social Club would be non-profit but would require a small donation from any members using the minibus to donate to the 'maintenance fund' to keep the minibus in tip-top condition etc. Because the minibus would be insured for any driver over 25, we can see no reason why any member cannot take the minibus themselves without us if they so want. Obviously we'd have to 'know' these members.

We see the logistics of this being quite easy to do even though we are based in Yorkshire. Say you are planning a trip on the Dover route and live further down South. Then we'd send a driver down with the minibus and you pay for the fuel and this driver would then perhaps come with you (if there are spaces) or you can put them up in your home till you get back. Anyway, you get the idea.

Our local Normandy Veterans Association are interested because they make various pilgrimages to the Normandy beaches and Commonwealth Graves every year. Any spaces on these trips would be available to members. Be warned though ... these old boys can be a handful(they smoke and drink). On one of their trips, one of their comrades passed away ... and they put him on the coach to bring him home ... without telling the driver! The police pulled them over on the motorway!

We have to stress that these baccy trips will be for legitimate cross-border shoppers only! There will be no limits on the amount of tobacco you purchase for personal use. We expect you to be fully prepared and adhere to all our advice for any hassle from UKBA/BF you may encounter. I sincerely doubt UKBA/BF will be prepared for us!

So that's what we are considering. We'll keep you informed of any developments ... and NO, the minbus won't be like this:-


  1. Great idea SH i hope it works for everyone concerned, Pick us up on Suchiehall Street in Glasgow on your first trip ..GOOD LUCK

  2. Is there a pro-smoking site better than this? l think not! Good on yer boys. Respect!

  3. Sign me up.

    The Baccy Bus will probably deserve a blog/page on this blog of its own.

    Don't forget the Godzilla for the bonnet.

    oh and btw I'm a former professional alcoholic and don't drink so am happy to play 'designated driver' etc.

  4. Linkedin, blogged, twatted and farcebooked.

  5. Brilliant concept, if we still lived in the UK we would be first on the magic buzz. We now live in Portugal with Drum @ 5.50 euros for 50 g.

  6. Baccy Bus Club >>> BBC!

    What a stonkin idea and hope you get it off the ground.

  7. Fantastic idea! All the best with it & can't wait to hear of the x-border victories! Glenn

  8. Hooray!! Far enough south for me to join in :) The Normandy Veterans sound like my kind of people.

    Kudos to the main movers and shakers.

  9. Sounds great. Me and my other half are up for it too.

  10. Good Idea, should be fun.

  11. Great news! You guys deserve medals for what you are doing and have done. l for one can't thank you enough.

  12. [offtopic but for the lolz]http://magistratesblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/left-hand-right-hand.html

  13. No doubt Simon Clark will be adding his support shortly. :-)

  14. Replies
    1. The Wild Chick has gone to the Greek Isle of Lesbos for the season. She's working in a rock bar as far as l know. She must be having fun because we've heard nothing from her!

  15. Good idea lads .. wish you every success ... !!

  16. Yep, hope your good idea comes to fruition.

  17. A bit off topic this but George has now received a compensation offer for the goods stolen at Prestwick Airport two years ago.
    I thank SH, Zapod and the rest of the team at N2D for their support and information which helped me defeat a formanable enemy.
    Without their encouragement I may have given up in the dark days of last year, But like Winston Churchill did in the dark days of 1941 the boys and girls drove me forward to victory.

  18. That's great news George! Hopefully they have offered you the UK Duty Paid price + and not their usual trick of offering the EU price.

  19. Thank you BD but your right, Just the price I paid in Spain two years ago and that represents just about half the value if bought in Spain today.
    Still they have me by the goolies, Fight and it could drag on for years and at 68 I dont welcome that, or take whats on the table and have a jolly good holiday with wine, women and song in Majorca in June, They are after all trying to jail me for the winter months, Trial end of September, Huh at least if they are successful I shall be much warmer in jail than this freezing flat was last winter, And SKY tv as well as three meals a day, no washing up, no laundry or ironing, hey BRING IT ON.
    And I will be knackered after my holiday in Majorca if Lazzerini is not sort of Italian then niether is PIZZA, PASTA OR ROBERTO MANCHINI

  20. George, nobody could fault you for taking the money. You fought a long time and everyone will understand that there comes a point...

    However it is possible that getting proper compo wouldn't take as long or be as an uphill a struggle as you fear. You could probably get a 'no win-no fee' brief and with further advice from SH/Zaphod call the UKBA's bluff. What with Zaphod's case and the Donny's you might well find that the UKBA would simply 'up' their offer.

    But as said, only you can know if you want to risk 'investing' even more of your remaining life in this thing.

    "if Lazzerini is not sort of Italian then niether is PIZZA, PASTA OR ROBERTO MANCHINI"

    Of course Laz The Daz has an italian sounding name and saying so isn't an offence in itself BUT how and when or in what context you say it can be. I know even less about Scotch Law than I do English Law but I assume the Court will, in your case, be asked to discern whether your statement of fact ("Laz is italian name") was 'racist' by dint of how you meant it or what you were implying.

    1. George's case is somewhat different to our own. Ours was based on that even though we won the appeal, UKBA still went ahead and destroyed the goods AFTER we won. When l say UKBA, l specifically mean Ian Sked. At the time we won the appeal, Sked informed us the goods had been destroyed when in fact they had not. Sked himself personally condemned goods after the appeal had been won. Basis of our case was UKBA destroyed goods that were NOT their property.

      We think George is best taking this offer. Remember he now has lawyers and barristers for this latest case he has. Damages and compensation should be on the agenda for what we believe is false arrest, false accusations, intimidation and 'stealing' property. His legal team will fight this for George, leaving George free to enjoy whatever he wants.

    2. Thanks Smoking Hot for your vote of confidence, If in England I would share it, But Jocks Law would make Adolf himself embarassed, No right to be judged by ones peers and elect for a jury trial,
      The procurator Fiscal (prosecution) decide for the accused, if a strong case they go for solom proceedings where the sentence can be up to five years in jail, Dodgie ones go before a sheriff sitting alone.
      Very draconian backward place is the land of the jaggy thistle, having an active pulse can be a "Breach of the Peace" as can quoting the word of the Holy Bible, And dont even mention the Irish famine or "Big Jock knew"
      Still I will be a champion if I win and a champion if I loose,
      And world wide publicity regarding UKBA bullies and illegal tactics, lies and intimidation, victimisation and vendettas, misinformation and misconduct.

  21. count me in lads,when you go on PO,just let me know,i will be there :) x

  22. Count us in aswell for the Hull run.

    Garry and other half.

  23. This is good news about the bus, I will be checking your blog first every day from now on.
    Best Wishes
    John Gibson

  24. Re: minibus. How much are you looking at in the way of contributions?


    1. We'll purchase the minibus but we envisage the Social Club will cover running costs and maintenance. Once we have the minibus prepared and Social Club set up we'll look at the costs.


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