#UKBA Beaten By 68yr old Pensioner UPDATED


Details to follow later today!  George's blog here.

Raise a glass to George tonight, he deserves it!

Few real gems in the judgement but unfortunately l only got it in jpeg so will have to wait for pdf


Things a bit hectic at the moment but l'll leave you with this little gem from George's judgement to be going on with.

The judge said:-

"I have my doubts about the legal submission made by the Pursuers (UKBA) regarding onus.  I was a bit mystified by this tactical onus on the Defender in terms of Regina v Exall and others in Kingston Crown Court, 1866 (Pursuers Authority No 12).  This is a charge of burglary and relates to possession of prisoners of part of the stolen property very soon after the burglary. 

I make no further comment about the submission."

Is UKBA/BF Review Officer Mr Sked trying to out-sked himself?  :) 


  1. Hugs and kisses George. Just after St Patricks Day too lol. You must be one happy lrishman. Partytime for George! Yay! xxxx

  2. Well done that man, drinks all round :-)


  4. Whats the betting you guys at N2D had something to do with this? Congrats all round

  5. Thanks guys but spare a thought for my carer Rosslyn, A grandmother beaten black and blue and arm dislocated by Strathclyde Police thugs in order to please their friends at UKBA, They all drink and burn their toast together at PRESTWICK AIRPORT. Go there at your own risk.
    Her crime, telling PC Scott Miller I am deaf and was not hearing him.
    We were targeted and set upon by proxy on instructions of the UKBA.


    1. Hollow victory my arse! No counsel, stood alone in the dock against everything they could throw at you ... and you won! Now pick them off one by one for what they stated in court including the Sked and his review. YOU are in charge now but for the moment relax and enjoy your victory. There's time enough for retribution. :)

  6. Congratz George! And i'm not sure it is a hollow victory when one considers that you didn't, at the time, have access to SH's advice or the SBC FOI-that you didn't record, that you signed their confession and that you were naive enough to still believe that you were living in a democracy not a police state and that civil servants played fair.

    All in all i think you've achieved the best possible result under the circumstances. Well done....and any possible appeal they and their high paid lawyers may launch is a two edged sword...you might find your victory becomes more so.

    So "lang mae ye lumm reek" with the smoke of EU-Duty paid GV.

  7. Bloody great to hear that the goonies get beat. Keep it up guys you're doing a fantastic job.

  8. f**cking get in there! nice one! she says with her V fingers up in the air.WELL DONE.

  9. George, you're a hero!

    Looking at the judgement, (here soon), it's clear that the Sheriff instinctively wanted to support the uniformed state robbers, but their behaviour insulted his intelligence too much. He did fail to condemn their antics, but he couldn't allow them to get away with stealing from you.

    Customs used to have it all their own way, that's why they have become so careless. But there are signs that they are learning.

    In a recent incident, which SH will tell of soon, Customs asked travellers immediately, "Are you recording this?" (They were!) Customs were "Not Happy"!
    They are learning. (Our travellers kept their 5000 cigs each).

    George, you hurt the enemy badly. Against the odds. A historic victory. You give us all renewed courage. They are not invincible!

    And the next time, will they be more careful? Have they learned to respect you? We'll see...

    Thanks, George! We love you!

  10. "l only got it in jpeg so will have to wait for pdf"

    Install a tiny prog called 'cutepdf' from cutepdf.com

    Its free and virii free.

    Click on 'print' as normal and when you are asked to choose a printer then choose 'cute pdf'. It prints then directly to a pdf.

    I use it all the time and wouldn't want to be without it. Along with 'sumatra' pdf reader it is my weapon choice for dealing with pdfs and means i only have to use the dread resource eating Adobe once a year or so.

    1. Got it converted BD and its in your in-box now in pdf

    2. George, which email inbox? Can't find it anywheres.

    3. Sorry BD I thought you may share an email addy with SH but he will forward the pdf file for your purusal

  11. Hi All, My computers are still Hi-Jacked and in the hands of the Goonies pals the Strathclyde Police so making pdf in the library is not easy, specially when no one in the IT Department know anything about IT apart from how to switch them on in the morning, And downloading anything is nannied, But watch my blog for a Sheriff Court Link to the Judgement if I can find one,
    I will ask the SKED He He He

  12. SH has it now in pdf so watch the sparks fly. I am attempting to read the Judgemnt regarding another victim a Mr or Mrs Muirhead in Advocate General for Scotland -v- Muirhead A40609 in whch the Customs Goonies arguethat having an open packet of fags indicate to them the acton of a Mafia style tobacco smuggler.
    But a year later NOT having an open packet of fags indicate to them a Mafia style TOBACCO SMUGGLER,
    s soon as I can trace that judgement I shall blog it

  13. "I was a bit mystified"

    M'Lord, you aren't the only one a bit mystified...

    *is currently having a 'WTF Moment'*

  14. A statement often used by the Lovely SNOBBY Miss Laura Collins, Solicitor to the Muppet's, Puppets and Clowns of the UKBA.

    The Sheriff and myself were mystified regarding Miss Collins submission regarding some guy caught screwing some other guys wee Hoose about 150 years ago;
    I was but three feet from her when she burst into this gobbledygook and was scratching my head as was the Lord Sheriff.

    "I have my doubts about the legal submission made by the Pursuers (UKBA) regarding onus. I was a bit mystified by this tactical onus on the Defender in terms of Regina v Exall and others in Kingston Crown Court, 1866 (Pursuers Authority No 12). This is a charge of burglary and relates to possession of prisoners of part of the stolen property very soon after the burglary

    So by way of explanation may I say that she came off with this comedy show just after the lunch break and after possably dining and boozing at Taxpayers expense in one of the many hotels in the seaside town of AYR.

    Now the likes of me was not invited to share the delights of the table with Miss Collins and her entourage so I made do with sharing my 'Bully Beef' sarnies with a couple of old birds on the park bench outside the court.
    I could therefore not possibly comment if strong liqueur had been consumed at Miss Collins table, However when I refused to enter the witness box to be tripped by Miss Collins it appeared she was put right off her stroke, In fact by the look on her face I thought she had a STROKE.
    However she burst into this burglary nonsense from 1866, A time when Queen Victoria was head of the Great British Empire and we were still a Nation to be respected. But there was even better to come when the Sheriff looked at me, I looked at the Sheriff and neither of us really wanted to be there listening to Miss Collins drivel. She brought on another more bizarre authority which included tens of thousands of Cigarettes and enough Vino to keep the 625 MPs and their Flossy's going for a year or two.

    I will include that in a later post. However what this nonsense had to do with 3 kg of Golden Virginia in 2012 is mystifying to all concerned, Even the two white birds waiting for me outside the court were looking a bit confused before flying off over the Irish sea to catch fish, Well thats what seagulls do when the 'Bully Beef' sarnies are done.

  15. [OFF TOPIC]

    Why wasn't dear dear Simon on Radio 4's "PM" responding to the obscene duty hike on ciggys...why wasn't he calling on all UK smokers to boycott the UK and buy abroad (a call which would have surely have gotten on Radio 4)?

    So much for our Voice.

    1. Clark is like the Vichy French. Have you noticed that his buddies dont post here anymore? Y'know like Dick P and Atherton?

  16. More business for the real smugglers and fakers from the East, More harrassment for the genuine cross border shoppers


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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