l Love The SS

Why MI5 changed their name from MI5 to the Secret Service is beyond me given it's connotations but they did. However, l digress ... it seems they have vacancies for Mobile Surveillance Operatives and Investigators (Agents)

You even have online 'tests'

Mobile Surveillance Operatives

If you are interested in applying, try our map reading exercise to see whether or not you have the skills we are looking for. This isn’t a required part of the recruitment process, but we strongly encourage you to try the questions as they will help you to assess some of your skills in relation to the job and prepare you for the telephone interview and assessment centre.
If you are able to answer the majority of the questions correctly then you may be suitable for our Mobile Surveillance Officer role. To learn more, read the guidance on the next page and then try the map reading questions.

Easy but was a bit concerned about the answers they give. For compass direction correct answers they gave 2 headings as correct! Mmmmmmmmmmmm
MI5 Intelligence Officer
We have developed a challenge to help you to assess your use of information and analytical skills. The Investigative Challenge has been designed to give you a greater understanding of whether you would enjoy and be well-suited to the MI5 Intelligence Officer role. Although this isn’t a required part of the recruitment process, we strongly encourage you to complete the task as it will help you to assess some of your skills in relation to the job.
The challenge should take you approximately 15 minutes to complete. You will be asked to view a number of written documents and answer some multiple choice questions relating to what you have read. The exercise is designed to broadly reflect some of the situations Intelligence Officers at MI5 are expected to deal with.
Before applying for the Intelligence Officer role, consider how easy or difficult you found completing the challenge.
Couldn't really be bothered with this so l just read the questions and made a thoughtful guess! Took me about 2 mins and HEY! ... I got 6 out of 8 right and told to apply!

Watch out UKBA .... SS here l come!


  1. Don't want to brag but scored eight in 93 seconds. Having read the pre-amble to the surveillance job makes me realise how much the education system has failed.

  2. l daren't try it after you and SH. Do l need to announce my blondeness? :) xxx

  3. TT ... you'll get the George Smiley position then. Jussy is an excellent Agent Provocateur

  4. No wonder the country is in a mess if that's supposed to weed anyone out. I'll see you guys at the next stage of the application process.

  5. If this is our intellegence service why do I feel the need to emigrate? Nervous about the olympics, in a word YES. I THINK IT SHOULD ALL BE IN LONDONSTAN. No point in the entire Nation being targeted. I am outta here for the duration.


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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