Computers Seized, Charged with Racism (Is Italian a Race?)

George is a disabled pensioner who had 3kg of tobacco seized by the UKBA at Glasgow Airport. He's been fighting them ever since and has been voicing his anger at them on his blog and in particular the UKBA Officer that seized his goods. This officer has now complained to the police apparently citing racism. George does sail close to the wind at times but is this police action really necessary?

This is all the details l have on the incident so far and is from George himself re a comment he posted on our blog .today :-

Blogger George 100% Genuine said...

Well posters I Honest George was awakend yesterday morning to a heavy knock on my front door, Clad onky in vest I went to investigat to fint two cops standing to attention, We have come for your computes the declard and told me I am a racist for it would seem suggesting Lazzerini was an Italian name??? and comparing an untruthful UKBA Assistant officer to the Captian of the Costa Concordia. Buth go off course, both dont abide by employers policy and procedures, Both lie to squirm their way out of it and both may be looking for other employment soon. Hey! In Scotland THAT's racist
So no computers of my own to prepare my case in defending myself and my property. And all my questions and defences now in the hands of the UKBA
1 February 2012 12:10


  1. Saying things like 'Paddy goons' definitely falls under the act but implying that Lazzerini is an Italian sounding name might also be considered 'racist' as one is implying that being Italian/not being British or being of Italian descendent is some way a bad thing.

    The modern definition of 'rascism' is very very broad and includes nationality. If you are going to ad hom someone online then it is wise not to even mention their nationality, race, gender, sexual preference etc.

    Do i think what George wrote was racist? No not at all but it was fucking stupid all the same as it gave THEM the excuse they needed.

    It also means that the Police can now investigate any interactions George had online and those he interacted with. N2D is now almost certainly on some list somewhere as a suspected racist blog.

    Paranoid? Me? Yes but you know i'm right.

    Anyways I'm off out the door to the ferry now.

  2. If that blog post was what brought plod to the door in jackboots then we should all be terrified.

    As someone of Italian descent who actually did suffer appalling post war racism as a child, I can honestly say there is not one thing there that has offended me.

    I have actually seen and heard far worse against Italians generally because of the Capt of the Costa Concordia - including the old cliché "boots on back to front" insult.

    Oh My God - that's all there is to say. I'm shocked :(

  3. This idea of racism being a "crime" is, in the first place, the creation of Orwellian thought crime and an affront in itself. I saw nothing "racist" at that website either - and even if it were - it's not something to be handled criminally. If someone were even to be overtly outrightly inhumanly racist, in any regard, society has always sorted that out itself, without the need for creating a "thought crime" category out of it. This is a law that is going to create a whole lot of trouble, not just in this case, but in others nothing to do with this man's cause. This is very frightening indeed, whenever "thought crime" can be used as an excuse to for government to batter down doors and intimidate citizens seeking justice, a clear indication of corruption and tyranny, within the entire system. It also reveals the roots of anti-smoking being established deep in the framework of government tyranny over the people and NOTHING "good" or "about health" to do with it.

  4. We are constantly monitored by UKBA Legal bods SBC and act accordingly. None of our personal databases are in residence and all are PGP encrypted in case we should lose or have them stolen. Atleast one of them is bloody useless because l put the passphrase on it whilst having a night with JD ... can l hell remember what the phrase is! Obviously when l did it l thought l could! lol

    Being geeks for technology the we update and vary our mobile technology at an alarming and somewhat expensive rate. Most recent was getting rid of laptops and going over to netbooks then selling them and now just gone over to tablets.

    Racism would be a strange charge to hit me with, my neice is black, my 2 daughters have Turkish and Chinese partners and l'm married to a Bulgarian. :)

    lncidentally George is Irish himself so that would negate the 'Paddy' comments somewhat m'thinks.

    Have a good trip and as the Sarge from Hill St Blues used to say 'Let's be careful out there' :)

  5. FFS all they had to do was ask the old fella to take the 'offending' comments down. This is Plod over-reacting again at the request of another gov agency. lt stinks!

  6. I think that photo on his blog, of the 58 year old grandmother being dragged by armed UKBA at Prestwick Airport for the "crime" of smoking is something that should be preserved for prosecution should there ever be another Nuremberg type trial one day in the future. That photo alone says a thousand words and is utterly shameful.

  7. Wot? no Big Brother Watch? Soz l forgot this guys a smoker aint he?

  8. So why is the blog still left up by the police if it's supposed to be racist? And why the fuck do they need to take his computers when everything this ukba twat is complaining about is on the blog? This country is fucked!

  9. Absolutely incensed about this!!
    This 'Racism' Crap seems to be the 'Wild Card' that the 'Powers' use when They need to nick someone but no crime's actually been committed!! & talking about REAL Crime...£20-£30K p.a. for a UKBA Lackey!!?

  10. XX Anonymous said...
    If someone were even to be overtly outrightly inhumanly racist, in any regard, society has always sorted that out itself, without the need for creating a "thought crime" category out of it. XX

    In a "government" full of lawyers, to make something a crime is probably the best way to "pay off your friends" without having to bother with thick, bulging brown envelopes, passed under tables in the back rooms of (ex) smokey pubs.

    Therefore they could not give a shit if it happens to be a crime already, or does not deserve to be, SOMEONE, somewhere, needs paying off for "favours done".

  11. I'm sick and tired of reading this type of SHIT, perpetrated by ignorant useful idiots in uniform.

    George, if you need a computer I'll buy one and send it to you via Amazon.
    I’ll email N2D with my contact details.


  12. Thanks Nick, l've forwarded your details and offer to George. He can only go online at the library so l can't say when he'll receive it, Extremely generous of you and it's heartening to see such. Thanks again.

  13. The country is infested with two
    bit uniformed Judases.Small minded and petty ,no sense of decency,for
    a purse of Pharisee silver they push around the easy to dominate.
    They are the type that were learning German in 1940.
    I often wonder if these state hirelings have friends who know what they do for a living
    Probably only go out to the occasional CAMRA FEST where they can mumble about more advanced back stabbing techniques.

    Traitor Watcher

  14. OPE Letter to UKBA Solicitors
    Laura Collins
    Shepherd & Wedderburn
    West George Street

    Dear Laura. Wonderful news, Your friend Lazzerini has gone to the police declaring I am racist towards him, So as result I have had not only my tobacco seized but my three computers as well, Are you looking for something on them Laura because if you are let me know and I can send in DVD or Blue ray format, However anything that is secret or as Lazzerini calls sensitive is floating about in Cyber Space.
    But as I have no computers or access to my defence records or data I must ask your case in AYR be shelved until I can get them back from the police.
    I must observe your Friend Lazzerini to be petty. vindictive and childish, However, now this may end up in a real court of law and while there is the racial element combined with a severely disabled old age pensioner, I would think it should attract the attention of the National Press both in the UK and in IRELAND, Lazzerini wants to be famous it would appear and why not? I myself love publicity as long as they get my name correct.
    I shall probably call you as a witness for my defence
    You may be able to shed some light on Lazzerini's lies, Interesting times Laura.
    Instead of Lazzerini being part of the story, Lazzerini will in fact be the STORY~~~~~~~~~~ PMSL
    Should it be you who requested viewing of my HARD DRIVE you may find some great photos of our last (Cambio Esposa) party.
    Anyway I shall inform the news rooms of the usual Gutter press of this unusual developments.
    Your friends have seized my tobacco, My computers and communication equipment,plus records of medication and hospital appointments, Perhaps the will seize my hearing aids and crutches, and all for 3kg of TOBACCO, What a country indeed
    Was it you that advised Lazzerini on this course of action??


  15. SH, I'm sitting mith a bag full of baccy in Hoek ferry terminal using their fast and free wifi,waiting to board the ferry back to Cameron's Paradise...

    Does that count as 'staying safe'?

  16. The reason they will sieze computers, or resaons, are that they can search them for material that may have been used to incite others to racial hatred, in other words to build a history of activities to support their position (I deliberately avoided case). They also do it because in our high tech society they feel it is the thing to do. But most of all, the reason will be that the computers were the means used to post the comments and they need to prove that the comments originated on a computer under the control of the defendant. In other words they were the "weapon".
    On the majority of computers there will be "artefacts" remnants of things you have created, deleted, altered, viewed. Just because you deleted that file doen't mean it is gone, it is still there just that the initial character has been changed and the area flagged as OK to overwrite. But it may not get overwritten for months, even years, depending on how much you use your computer. The worst type of drive is these new SSD drives because the management software on them tells you it has deleted or erased something, but in actual fact it has left it intact in order to preserve the limited life of the drive. Therefore your data is recoverable.
    As for PGP and other encryption, refuse to give up the key and you are looking at 5 years!
    Good Ere innit?
    I trained as a computer forensics examiner.
    Oh, one more thing, due to the backlog in most commputer forensic crime labs, I wouldn't expect to get the machines back any time soon.
    Sorry, I ramble too much.

  17. RT ... What about my PGP encrypted data that l've forgot the passphrase to? l can't throw them away because l might be able to access them one day. Sometimes when l'm bored l try to do exactly that but it may be a forlorn task because l know l was under the influence of alcohol at the time l created the keys. If l do find the correct passphrase l;ll probably find it's something stupid like 'God, l'm pissed 2nite' Oooh, there's a thought! ... hold on.

    Damn! ... FAIL!

  18. SBC ... One indeed hopes so. Watch out for UKBA Officer Alistair Graham Fields in case they've transferred him from our neck of the woods after his disastrous court appearance. l think Sherlock Holmes was referring to him when he said:-

    "Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts"

  19. He'd have been better off putting the old Flanders & Swann number "Song of Patriotic Prejudice" on his site.

    Hmm, perhaps we should all put it on our sites, after all, no-one is accusing YouTube of racism...

  20. After reading the previous postings I must admit to a severe depression oncomming.
    My main problem is not what they take off my hard drive, but what they may put on, I trust no one especially the STRATHCLYDE POLICE
    They are even known to fit up their own.
    Woman Detective Constable McKray case

  21. SH, Generally they do not believe that you have forgotten, the view is that you are just being evasive and really have something to hide - sucks huh? They then start to think you have some really juicy stuff on there. It has been a topic of discussion for some time that people can and do genuinely forget passphrases, hell I have had someone issued with a laptop one evening when he was sober and by the morning he had forgotten the passphrase he had created himself! Ended up in a rebuild.
    George, won't happen. There is a thing called "Chain of Custody", every time your machines are touched a paper trail has to be updated, they do not work on your physical media, they make a copy using specialist software that leaves the original intact and untouched, they then analyse the copy and have to document every step they take, every action performed. This is not carried out by the arresting officer it is carried out by by specialists in highly controlled conditions.

  22. RT ... Aye, that's true, We now live in a country where 'they' no longer require evidence. They are extremely happy with their 'thought' crimes. Wonder when they'll have Gulags?

  23. Gulags lads, Motherwell would be punishment enough for and disitent.

    If ever a person was minded to suicide but lacked the courage to go through with it,
    A trip North to MOTHERWELL would do the trick.

  24. SH, Thought crime came a lot closer that you would imagine under the last government. Scarily, certain police forces were pushing for it to be a criminal offence to write pervy stories. I kid you not!


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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