Dangerous Times at N2D HQ

We've got a friend staying with us and she's had a bad couple of days ... and it shows. Then something on the net set her off and she's on one. Now , l won't say who it was but he (yes male) could see she was on one but he had to open his mouth ... didn't he! His brain was definitely not engaged because he said to her something about periods and PMS!

l'm going out for a few hours! ... maybe days! 


  1. Be on the safe side and make it a week! lmao

  2. Women have PMS.....Men Suffer from it

  3. That reminds me of someone. l wonder who that could be? x

  4. Yeah, l wonder who? Where's your blogroll blonde?

  5. Hey, Mom, yer lucky to have a burd that young, mine are all well past that stage

  6. I only ever got PMT when I was with one former boyfriend. As soon as I dumped him, I was miraculously cured and never suffered since.

  7. Your ever loving MALE Visigoth
    is currently suffering POST JOY
    STRESS ,just returning from a mind
    blowing piss and smoke up in a jam
    packed Charleroi, Belgium tavern with 2 superb smoking lounges
    Belgian best Ruby on draught 8.8%
    All nationalities,all types ,all sorts of music,staggered out at 1 AM still buzzing
    Tobacco a problem due to UK restrictions on deliveries
    Made a mistake with hotel,no smoking rooms.
    Full details to follow
    Keep in touch
    Mid January £8 return from Manchester.Freedomfighters,battlers,activists,,anyone who is prepared to stand up to be counted,most welcome to join our Band of Hope on
    this Battle of the Bulge MK 2
    N0 web warblers ,please
    U NO U

  8. Not much point Visigoth if there's no tobacco for sale.

  9. ANON 16th 22.01
    Problem sorted ,have no fear.
    Anyway,our merry Saxon Band,we do
    not look for reasons not to venture
    into the unknown,we just go and find the goodies one way or t'other
    See you all in the Arddennes
    possibly SAT/SUN 14/15 JAN
    £10 RETURN
    Mines a Leffe Blonde 6.6% Vol

    Resist with Defiance


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