Proud Father

lt's been getting a bit serious round here a bit lately so l thought a change of mood would be appropriate.Every parent wants their offspring to do better than they did, live life to the full and if they can, enjoy every minute.

Both my daughters have been doing that, they've now seen as much as the world as l have but probably more. What is certain is they will definitely see more countries than l did for sure. Both are still in their 20's and they haven't settled down yet.

Today l received a set of photos from my youngest from Honolulu, Hawaii. She's a model and photographer and these photos are her in front of the camera. l can definitely now say she's ahead of me!

l'm a proud dad ... go girl !!!!!

1st training jump on route to solo


  1. Whoa!
    what a shot! your girl shows no fear! no wonder you're proud

  2. Fortunately she and her sister got their looks from their mother. Their height they got from me.

  3. Not for me Sir, I dont even like being 5'6" tall i get dizzy. but quite a girl to do that. Still comes in handy to know these things, Specially if one uses RYANAIR.

  4. *wishes his own Useless Gormless Objects (sons 20-21-22) would throw themselves out of an airplane*

  5. Dear God, she's posing! l'd be bloody screaming in sheer terror.

  6. That can't be a real photo, they are just too cool. You gotta right to be proud Smokey.

  7. SBC ... You crack me up!

    Guys ... Cool as ice! l wrote back to her and told her that her trainer reminded me of The Dude. l'm half expecting him to pull out a hip flask of JD and then light up a spliff!

  8. "SBC ... You crack me up!"

    There's nothing funny about my kids :(

    ...just boxer clad blackhole-like planet sucking density. Bankruptcy with its jogging trousers around its arse.

    OR as we say in German "born stupid and not learnt anything along the way"

    You've seen my blog.

  9. No word of a lie, this just happened:

    Eldest-Useless-Object-With-The -Face-Full-Of-Metal-And-A-Pen-Cap -Through-His-Earlobe has just announced that he now supports the Liberal Democrats.

    To which his ever-loving DaAAAd (ie me) replied "you can't even spell their name let alone support them!"

    So Son set out to prove me wrong and started to spell their name aloud....

    ...he couldn't.

    Makes my heart swell with pride.


  10. l'll refrain from asking why he supports them ... l don't think my brain could take it. :)

  11. "Their height they got from me."

    Are you saying that it was YOU who chucked her out of the plane, then?

    SBC - I know what you mean. Luckily, I only have one of them.


  12. I enjoy being a parent. On the whole the pleasure outweighs the worry. My, how they live life to the full these days.


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