Baccy 2 Xmas Cruise 6th - 8th Dec

This cruise is 6th Dec and sails at 18.30 (latest check-in 17.00), arrive back in Hull 8th Dec 08.15.
(These are reports on the 1st cruise ... ours, Bucko, Patsy and last but not least Nomindeus )

We've booked and it has cost us £22.50 each (2 berth cabin), currently if there is 4 of you in a 4 berth it will cost you £17.50 each. Go here to book. Don't select mini-cruise, just fill in details at top of page. Don't select additional options such as transfers later in the booking. The meals are up to you.

Your booking details should look like this (shows returning 7th because you ARE, the ship arrives the 8th in Hull.

NOTE:-  If you are coming alone, BOOK FOR 2! Put any name down as second passenger and we can change it later and that passenger will then pay you HALF the booking.

Both Zaphod and myself are going on this  mini-cruises and we want YOU to come aswell. There is onboard shopping and also very good tobacconists in Brugge. The mini-cruise consists of 2 nights on the ferry (yes, you get cabins included) and a day in Brugge or Ostende. There is of course onboard entertainment, bars, restaurants, casino and so on.

l believe the Hordes are on this trip too but they will be going to Ostende once in Belgium. They'll no doubt show you the way should you wish to go to with them to Ostende instead of Brugge.

Some advice for travelling on the ship here.

What's not to like?

We aren't a travel agency and don't want your credit card details, personal info etc etc. You book it yourself with P&O and we meet onboard (or not if don't like the look of us). Personally, l'd be quite happy meeting you under your blogger names and id's. lt's up to you.

You can get transport from Zeebrugge to Brugge ... takes about 15 mins but we will have transport of our own too.

So c;mon people ... e-mail me at  or go to Facebook if you're interested. Sorry about you Southern folk but us Northerners have had to travel to Dover often enough ... now it's your turn and anyway this is a mini-cruise.

Note:- Zeebrugge is NOT like Calais. There is NO juxtaposed UKBA Control Area in Zeebrugge.

Spread the Word peeps!

UPDATE ... now on Facebook


Together we stand, divided we fall ...c'mon now people let's get on the ball



  1. I'm not sure if I can make this one. Mrs Bucko definately can't but I still would like to attend if there is a way.

    Is there anyone who wants to share a cabin?

  2. (Forgot to tick for follow up emails)

  3. you billy-no-mates Bucko? :-0

  4. Bucko, do you want me to organise it? l'll need you to e-mail me your surname and initial if you do. This is an openly viewed public binding contract mind. lol

    Does Mrs Bucko demand it be a male cabin companion?

    Oh and us salty sea dogs say 'aye' not 'eye' ,,, savvy?

  5. Smoking Hot - I need to be sure I can get the days off work first. I'll email you soon as I can.

    Mrs Bucko demands nothing; I want a blonde. Aye!

  6. Dang cannae make it this time round, you all go ahead and have fun though (I know you will) see you the one after this with luck!

  7. Didn't expect you to make it this time my friend after your splendid effort last time. We shall no doubt meet up at another foray into Flanders and who knows ... perhaps a foray into Greece ... spending Drachmas! :)

  8. That looks like it could be a goer for me. I was just looking at when I was going to use up my last few days holiday entitlement this year and by December I should be in need of a resupply. Not sure if Mrs RT will be able to make it though but a bloke from work might (and his ex customs so he tells me ;-) )
    I will let you know when I do.

  9. Good man RT. Would be great if you could make it. Ex Customs eh? ... that should make for interesting conversation! :)


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