Are you a Man or a Mouse?

Frank Miniter has wrote an article entitled "England Used to Be a Country of Men" where he laments about what has become of our Country. He writes from his American point of view but it is has merit. He states that our various goverments have, over a period of time, made the population totally defenseless but worse than that subservient too. l have to agree with that when l see such as the UKBA taking advantage of this mindset of our fellow citizens as they meekly obey any instructions/orders barked at them.

It goes much further than that though. Recently we have been told we can defend our homes (well, sort of) but what about when we are on the streets? And what about our mothers, wives, girlfriends and daughters? They too are allowed nothing to protect themselves. All this is because we are told the police will protect us ... yeah right! All that happens is they pick up the pieces after the event and then return to their CCTV so they can 'find' the attackers. A little too late for our womenfolk though isn't it?

So, in order to defend ourselves and for our women to defend themselves, we have to become criminals ourselves in the eyes of the law. l'm not advocating guns like Frank, but there are many other defensive tools that can be used to incapacitate attackers ... and virtually all are illegal to own or carry.  This being the case, in order to protect ourselves and our families  from the muggers, rapists etc (and our own government) ... we have to become devious too.

So be it!

Excerpt from Frank's article :-

"Well, okay, sure, the English people did for too long accept the unmanly ditherings of Neville Chamberlain before World War II. Nevertheless, something has changed in the English character. These aren’t the proud men who once made the whole world look them in the eyes. I submit that one of the chief causes of their now emasculated spirit is the loss of so much of their individual liberty — like a child used to a parent fighting his or her battles, a people dependent on their government for everything cannot take care of themselves and are prone to childish outbursts.

By giving up their natural right to self-defense, for example, England’s law-abiding citizens have become defenseless both physically and psychologically. The loss of their right to self-preservation has created a culture of dependency on government (for protection and so much more) that has helped neuter the English male. This has also prompted some English citizens to blame the police for the crime rates that law enforcement is legally constrained from doing anything practical to fight.

Britain’s licensing of gun owners and the registration of their firearms made it easy for the government to take guns from law-abiding citizens after a mass-murderer in Hungerford killed 16 people in 1987. Within the next decade, British politicians criminalized possession of most handguns — the final deadline for turning them in was Feb. 27, 1998. (This is something liberals would like to do in the U.S., too.) Yet, few have subsequently pointed to the victims of this anti-freedom gun confiscation. The English papers haven’t interviewed victims of rape and other crimes and asked what they might have done if they had the ability to defend themselves from criminals.

Curbing violence, naturally, was the goal English politicians said they’d attain in return for law-abiding citizens’ handing over this basic human liberty; however, after the U.K. disarmed its population, England attained the highest burglary rate and one of the highest rates for violent crimes of the industrialized nations, according to the International Crime Victims Survey carried out by the Dutch Ministry of Justice in 2000. As the Guardian put it on Feb. 23, 2001, the study “shows England and Wales as the top of the world league with Australia as the countries where you are most likely to become a victim of crime.” More recently, on July 3, 2009, England’s newspaper the Daily Mail reported that “Britain’s violent crime record is worse than any other country in the European Union, it has been revealed. Official crime figures show the U.K. also has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa.”

Meanwhile, British politicians have reacted to the irrefutable failure of their gun-control schemes by calling for more of the same. They’ve even recently banned starter pistols. Given that they’ve disarmed the law-abiding public and obviously can’t disarm the criminals, what else can they do in this time of violence? What some in the government would like to do can be chillingly found in a July 2002 English government “white paper” titled “Justice for All.” This paper argued that the government needs to: allow the use of hearsay evidence in trials; remove the double-jeopardy rule for serious cases, including cases that have already been resolved under the current system; and eliminate the right to trial by jury in many cases.

As the English hand their government more of their individual liberty — and thereby their self-reliant manliness — their government becomes more authoritarian. Individuals have diminished means for protecting themselves and their property, which should have made London’s looting, vandalism, and other crimes very predictable. I’ve had several recent conversations with Englishmen, who have led me to conclude that the English people will continue to hand over their liberty in the hopes that one day — despite all the lessons from history and human nature — their government will create the peaceful, socialist utopia they’ve long been promised.
For example, I recently broached this topic with an English salesman at my favorite shoe company, Johnston & Murphy. He commented that he’s frightened by America’s “gun culture” and added that Americans needs to drop “their Wild West attitude.” I listened patiently before pointing out that England currently looks a little more like the Wild West. He wasn’t swayed. I pointed out that gun rights are women’s rights, as they make the frailest woman the equal of the strongest male. He kept shaking his head.

So I used a largely forgotten piece of history that always makes Englishmen blush: After Dunkirk in May of 1940, only the British Navy, an outnumbered British air corps, and about 20 miles of water protected the English people from German invasion. In their retreat back to England, the British forces lost much of their firearms and weaponry; meanwhile, gun-control laws passed after World War I had mostly disarmed British civilians, leaving the English people helpless.

Aware of their plight, a group of Americans, headed by C. Suydam Cutting, established the “American Committee for Defense of British Homes,” a group that ran an ad in the National Rifle Association’s official journal American Rifleman that read in part: “Send a Gun to Defend a British Home.” The NRA subsequently sent more than 7,000 private arms to England. The U.S. military, of course, sent many more. Winston Churchill said, “We had become a hornet’s nest. Anyhow, if we had to go down fighting . . . a lot of our men and women had weapons in their hands.”

After relating this history, I told the English shoe salesman that “if your people ever need to protect their freedom again, Americans will be there for you.” He wasn’t so sure.

Now I wonder, after seeing that Englishmen strip for a looter, would it even matter?."

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  1. You sound like my Dad! l carry pepper spray that looks like lipstick in my handbag. lf l'm walking somewhere at night l carry it in my hand and would use it and know what to after l have.

  2. Good fer you girls. use it and hoy it and if cops see it on cctv and get you say it was one of them mini deoderant sprays that you can get cos its about same size.

  3. My girls have 'heard' of those sprays. :)

  4. If there is one issue that proves beyond doubt that Britain has become a land of cowering ,yellow livered skunks ,it just has to be the extremely nonsensical ban on
    smoking in Pubs.
    It would appear the idiots and sheep who still stand outside pubs
    have less bollocks than the riff raff who loot and pillage.
    As for those politicians asking for respect for law,they cant be serious,when they treat millions
    of their countrymen and women like
    vermin.They treat us like dogs then
    moan when the pups bite back
    The MPs built a bonfire of resentment,let them cook in the embers
    Think about it,for every one (1)business ruined by looters,one hundred (100) have been destroyed by the House of Commons.

    Look back in envy

  5. You raise a point anon 14.22. Many of those pubs now closed would've had clientel smokers and non-smokers who would've stood up to these yobs. Sadly they are now closed and the high streets deserted.

  6. Youre not wrong there Dave. The heart has been ripped out of city and town centres leaving them deserted. Customers would've made a stand to protect their local. These were meeting places were everyone knew each other.

  7. Where can l get those pepper lippies?

    Like the badge SH, ordered 2 :-)

  8. I'm used to guns. Or I was. Shot a Lee Enfield rifle at school in the CCF and competative target pistol at University. I can buy a shot gun if I wanted to, but nothing beats a Browning 9mm or the good old stopping power of the Colt 0.45 semi. The current gun 'law' is in total conflict with the Bill of Rights.

  9. Chalcedon ... a 9mm Browning? That reminds me of a lady l lived with in Miami, she slept with one of those under her pillow. She was from Dominican Republic and had that Latino temperament ... had to tread carefully with her :) My current wife is Bulgarian and has/had access to all kinds of weapons ... which she knows how to use! Mmmmmm, l can see l like to live dangerously!

  10. Tina

  11. "Are you a man or a mouse?"

    Squeak squeak sssqueak s-s-s-q-u-e-a-k squeak squeak

    ...does that answer your question?

    Translation for the non-mices speakers among us:

    *Nods in agreement about the 'browning' comment and misses his Hi-power*

  12. SBC ... What? you sleep with a Browning under your pillow? :)

  13. "you sleep with a Browning under your pillow? :)"

    SH, Yes his collected works and since I lost the bound volume I retire with Shelley.

    ". When you say Dylan, he thinks you're talking about Dylan Thomas, Whoever he was. ..."

    Cos I's cultured I is.

  14. Sorry, mised that, the wheel was going round too quickly and I couldn't get off.

  15. pepper sprays are illegal in the UK.. wonder what would happen if you scared off a rapist then the cops caught you with it.

  16. Anon 12.15 ... l'd expect them to charge one with possessing an offensive weapon such is the world we live in now.


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