Soviet Soldiers Become Superheroes Overnight

"It’s unclear who transformed this Soviet army monument in Sofia, Bulgaria, but how interesting is this? The artists changed the Russian Red Army soldiers, who led an advance on Nazi-allied Bulgaria during World War II, into superheroes and comic book characters!

The pop art creation with the caption “Abreast with the Times” drew crowds of people over the weekend, posing to have their picture taken with Superman, Santa Claus, Ronald McDonald , Captain America, Batman’s sidekick Robin, and the Joker.

Russia’s embassy in Sofia wasn’t so happy about the brief transformation. “The Russian embassy is again compelled to highlight an outrageous act of vandalism against the Soviet army monument in Sofia,” they said.

But many individuals did not agree with Russia’s government. In fact, 1,700 people rallied on Facebook to protest against the cleaning of the sculpture. Too bad it was all in vain. The monument has since been cleaned up, at a cost of about $720."

story here

l'm a bit late posting this but hey-ho ... it's something l want on my blog. You see, the artwork didn't disappear. There's now t-shirts, hats etc all over Bulgaria with this picture emblazoned on. The Russians are none too pleased about it but the Bulgarians couldn't care less. Amazingly it was done in just one night but the other equally amazing thing is it only cost $720 to clean and was done in less than a day!

lmagine what it would have cost in the UK ... and how long it would have taken!


  1. Just shows the Russians still think of themselves as Soviets.

  2. Just shows the Russians still have no sense of humour.

  3. Anything that doesn't make Russians smile, is just fine by the Bulgarians!

  4. Zaphod said...
    "Anything that doesn't make Russians smile"

    I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Putin did not get the Quadriga or whatever its called in the end.

    HA! HA!

  5. Think most nationalities would be pleased about that SBC ... especially the Germans though!

  6. It's the capital Letters for all Nouns that give it away, SBC. :-)

  7. "It's the capital Letters for all Nouns that give it away, SBC. :-)"-The Beeblebroxian

    Sorry but's that too surreal a non-sequitur...even for me. You what?!?!

  8. Ha! I consider that an achievement.
    To explain would seem pedestrian.

  9. Returning to the topic,-

    SH made a throwaway remark elsewhere, re Charlie Gilmour. Given what he got for disrespecting our monuments, the above artwork would attract the death penalty?

    Nothing should be too sacred. I'd rather be offended than take the necessary measures to prevent people ever offending me.

    Does that make any sense?

  10. "
    Does that make any sense?"

    Perfect sense and I agree entirely. That's pretty much the definition of a true Libertarian I feel.


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