UKBA to go on strike 30th June **UPDATED**

So, the UKBA are to strike on Thurs. All we need now is for the drones at airporty security to go on strike and travelling will be civilised again. Personally, l think both should go on strike indefinitely ... no-one will miss them,


"Moutie Abrahams, 42, who flew in on a packed BA flight from Cape Town, said: "We came here two months ago and we stood in queues for a really long time. Today it was much quicker."

"At Terminal 5 the Brazilian national rugby team travelling to a tournament in Cornwall said it took about 15 minutes to get through passport control. "It seems normal," said Erick Cogliandro, 27, who travelled on an Italian passport and had even shorter queues to contend with. His team-mates had few problems: "They just took 15 minutes. I don't know what normal is here but it was pretty empty."

"Gatwick said the average passport queue was around six minutes. A spokeswoman said: "Everything is fine."

See ... what did l tell you? :-)

P.S. "lndudstry"  ... l like this word :-) ... see comments.


  1. couldnt agree more Smokey

  2. I don't think they are all going on strike, probably running a skeleton crew. probably mean 1 checking passports and 10 checking for legal substances like tobacco


  3. Having been an airport 'drone' I think I should say something in their defence. I don't know what the system is now in the UK but I'm assuming that its the same as the rest of europe and the 'drones' aren't actually 'airport security' ie employed by BAA et al but workers from whichever third party firm won the contract.

    Long hours, appalling pay and getting to deal with The Great British Public en mass...that'd turn anyone into a drone.

    But the real 'killer' or 'kick in the teeth' is that the drones know that all those 'security' checks are a total waste of time and only there to further indoctrinate the public into mass 'terrorist' hysteria.

    Anyone who has ever worked at an airport knows how easy it is to smuggle something onto a plane.

  4. A multi-billion pound indudstry (no, l didn't spell it wrong) that exists to protect the public from something that is impossible to protect the public from. lt's a circus that insists the public 'perform' and humiliate themselves and pay for the priviledge of doing so.

    The ease in which my fellow citizens buy into this farce makes me truly despair.

  5. They have the POWER, The POWER to disrupt an innocent passengers travel. the POWER to see kids and old folk crying.
    Yes thay have the POWER, But no brains to use it.

  6. If ever anyone is minded to commit suicide
    But lack the courage.
    I suggest booking a Ryanair flight through Glasgow Prestwick airport
    That experience will indicate "Live is no longer worth living"
    From the odd ball security screaming at you
    The pink vixens at the gate screaming at you.
    The long walk through damp corrodors to the aircraft.
    The thought of the RETURN
    YES, Ending it all there and then would seem attractive.

  7. Hey, SBC, I enjoyed your customs-run vid. I know nothing happened, but I got a vicarious adrenaline rush. Only those who've run the gauntlet, loaded, can appreciate that buzz!

    A clear round! Right to the door. :-)

  8. Zaphod, the next run is penciled in for November time and perhaps by then I'll have perfected my technique. Such cams are easy to use and give very good results but they still require some practice to get a really good watchable vid.


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