Going AWOL .... See ya!

Couple have just dropped out of Rhodes Rock so been offered their place. 6hrs to organise and pack then we're outa here .... heh heh.

No-one can ever accuse us of being indecisive! ....  sun and in 80's ... rock chicks .... beach bunnies ... drinkies and smokes ..... Zep, Floyd etc etc .... back in a week .... you may hear from us earlier ... or maybe not .... who knows? :)

Better to burn out than fade away!


  1. I was at a festival in Germany this weekend. Lots of 'medieval metal' rock, thousands of Germans smashed on mead and armed to the teeth with medieval sharpnessess (knives, swords, morning stars). Not a police man in sight the whole day, despite there being some colour-flying 1%'ers there too.

    Can you imagine that in Nanny-Knows-Best UK?

    What's more, about 1/3 of the people there were smoking (open air) and NO ONE GAVE A FUCK!

    Can you imagine that in Think-Of-The-Children UK?

    Anyways have a great time. I hope you drink lots and lots and lots and get wery wery sick :P


  2. XX Wrinkled Weasel said...

    Beware of Greeks bearing Riffs. XX

    Ahh. THATS what the "wannabe scheißtürke" have been doimng with all my fucking tax money!

  3. Hey guys, having wild wild time but it seems we may be here for a while longer .... Greek Air Traffic plan a 24hr strike tomorrow so hey ho! :)

    L&B 36 Euros, Marlboro 39

    lnternet here is complete pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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