Sons of Anarchy

This show is hidden away on Five USA but is a massive hit in the States, especially with the guys and bikers..Series 2 has just started here but in the States Series 3 has come and gone. Series 4 is now being filmed. I came late to the party but now courtesy of friends in the States, l too have finished Series 3. lt pulls no punches and is hard hitting. The show whilst being a drama is as realistic as a drama can be and conveys much of the realism of Outlaw MC's ... even Sonny Barger has a cameo role. The music that accompanies the series is excellent. The soundtrack in the clip is by Battleme and is a cover of Neil Young's Hey Hey, My My. No apologies for the prevelance of smoking :)

Which brings me to Skegness Rock n Blues 2011. Many bikers were there but there was a distinct lack of 'colours' although many are from MC's. In all the years l've been going l've never seen any trouble.

What is noticeable is smoking. Even though Butlins Skegness has a policy of no smoking in any of it's accomodation ... nobody takes any notice. We visited quite a few apartments of friends, old and new, and they were all smoking (legal and illegal) in the apartments. The venues are non-smoking but even there a minority take little notice and you don't hear any of the righteous either ... maybe they know to keep away? :) Not forgeting the alcohol of course ... smoky drinkys spring up all over the resort.

Smokers have been targeted and made outlaws by the righteous and governments. Well, be an outlaw and join many others who have no problem with being made outsiders ... The Sons and Daughters of Anarchy one could say.


  1. Sometimes the Law of Unintended Consequences applies too.I was on our apartments balcony taking some fresh air(and airing the room) about 1am on Monday morning and was greeted with the sight of 4 streakers(3 guys and a woman)Made mandatory,this could ease the pain of standing outside pubs.

  2. Hmmmm , l have no idea where l was at that time but l certainly wasn't back in the apartment until much later ... dressed, may l add. :)

  3. Wish l'd been there. Shows what happens when a group of people get together with the same mindset. No-one touches them. We should learn from this.

    Sons of Anarchy does look good. Am gonna have to chase it up. Cheers SH

  4. Great track SH. Hope you're well xxx


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