Skegness Rock n Blues 2011

Bit hazy and fuzzy as l've over indulged in many sins incl the Jack Daniels and am still doing so at this very moment .. courtesy of hip flasks :-)

Fri seen Lorraine Crosby Green Mac (Fleetwood Mac early days), Connie Lush and the Blues Shouters, bailed on Pretty Things and caught Idle Hands and Dale Starr Band

Sat spent afternoon at jamming session at Jaks .... bloody great! Caught the guy who commented on the blog about guitar made from USA tractor number plate. Yes it does exist ... l think his band for that afternnon only was called The Islington Boys .... l may be wrong .... blame JD. Nighttime caught Taste, Sandi Thom (bit of), Claire Free Band, Elelphant Still (outrageous) and the excellent Larry Miller who was on great form.

Sun afternoon Nine Below Zero and Babajack ... tonite ....   prob Juicy Lucy, Uriah Heep and Girlschool but that might change.

Catch you later got to go .... sins await

Update ... Caught some of Juicy Lucy, then Rick Lee followed by Uriah Heep . Stayed for 5 tracks then over to Dr Feelgood ... who rocked!

Back to other venue and stayed a while for Girlschool ... who looked good, especially the lead guitar :) and so bailed and finished night with King King who were good.

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  1. Green Mac - they do a very fair version of Oh Well. It's one of the few riffs I can do convincingly.

    Oh Bliss. Enjoy the rest of it.


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