Think l've changed my mind about new airport security measures.

Old Airport Security
New Airport Security


  1. What airline is that!?! ... and when is she flying again? :)

  2. It would certainly simplify matters...

    Tell you what - I'm willing to strip naked for airport security SO LONG AS EVERYBODY ELSE DOES, and that includes ALL the security staff. Then we will see if the little shits are still as obnoxious.

  3. Yeah, but she didn't take her shoes off!

  4. If you are ubber riche.
    You can do that.
    Huh !
    It's the middle classes who are the stiffies (rod-butt) ?
    Working classes (know how to let the hair down).
    Upper classes (know how to let the hair down).
    Middle classes (rod up the butt).
    Am I right or am I wrong ?
    The ritcheous come from the middle class.
    The middle class have the most ritcheous rod up the butt form of mental illness.
    Not all the middle classes have the rod up the butt problem but a lot do, whome are more likely to suffer a grey life and believe till their boring end that they did the right thing.

  5. Shoes? what shoes? oh yeah l see em now. :)

  6. I bet that nobody thought to check what's in her trolleycase!

  7. You'll change your mind when it's a fat bloke with saggy tits :-)

  8. "You'll change your mind when it's a fat bloke with saggy tits :-) "


  9. Bucko ... why did you have to do that?
    ;) ... and you too jred! :)


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