HMRC Control of Raw Tobacco Team

Oh, don't you just love it when authorities think they're soooo clever ... and then fuck it all up! That's just what the Control of Raw Tobacco Team have done with their new Registration Scheme. Thanks to our scientific friend LegIron and then Anonymong .... we have this! >>> click on link >>>

The Deil’s Awa Wi’ The Exciseman

  A MUST read ... l can't stop laughing :)

.... and HMRC said they only expected 20 - 40 applications for the scheme!


  1. Time to ask my local council jobsworths if they're registered m'thinks. They'll love it and prob create a brand new dept just for it. lol

  2. A thought, probably not a good one, occurs: by definition tobacco leaves that have been heavily smoke-cured, ie Kentucky Dark, can hardly be said to be 'raw', if 'raw' is used in any normal meaning of the sense of 'uncooked'.
    One might also argue that any leaf that has been fermented might also not be described as 'raw'.

    1. The processes of making snuff and vape liquid, often requires the leaves to be steamed or toasted before further processing. To steam or toast surely is to make 'raw' into 'cooked'? Is steamed cabbage raw? Are roasted potatoes still raw?

  3. I bought in cigarettes from out side the UK for friends there were three of us and 10 boxes of 200 all were seized

  4. Full but short report of my earlier conversation with HMRC about my application under the scheme


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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