Guide for Registering for Purchasing Raw Tobacco Pt 2 + N2D FREE GIFT

UPDATE 19/1/17 You can now download a application form for registering for raw tobacco here ... courtesy of N2D :)

HMRC obviously don't want you to apply because they've supplied no forms and online applications didn't materialise either ... not forgetting the disgraceful, thrown together guide they produced. By their own reckoning, they only expect 20-40 applications at the most. Seeing thats for the likes of Imperial Tobacco etc, we have to ask ... what about the public?

So, N2D are going to help the public and produce an application form (HMRC can thank us later).

Now, do you trust HMRC? ... well we certainly don't and with that in mind we advise the following :-

If you are already purchasing leaf, DON'T put in an application from yourself yet. The water needs to be tested and you do this by getting your Aunty Ethel, son, daughter, mate etc to put one in. Keep it simple and ask them to try making snuff, or using it in cooking, or fragrance (potpourri), or making pesticide etc etc etc. Keep the amounts of tobacco leaf to be used over a year small.

Remember, your Aunty Ethel etc are DOING NOTHING WRONG ... PERIOD! There is NOTHING to be afraid of. We need you to get as many applications in as possible. Don't just let Aunty Ethel do it, ask Uncle Syd too ... and then your daughter, some etc etc.

No false names or addresses are to be used. All applicants should be over 18 (HMRC didn't put that, N2D did)

Request all responses by HMRC to be in writing ... no phone calls.

One person l shall be using is my Mum. She likes the smell of tobacco and so she will send in an application for leaf to use as fragrance (potpourri) ...  approx 3kg per annum. (it can always be increased once 'registered' :) My grandmother likes snuff but in rare occasions ... approx 500g per annum.

An example of an application is below. We can e-mail you a blank copy, just request one from our dedicated leaf e-mail address .... OR DOWNLOAD here

Oh the FREE GIFT? We shall send a FREE GIFT for EVERY accepted or rejected application response from HMRC. Simply e-mail their response to us at our dedicated address for this scheme ... 

The FREE GIFTS are NOT NAFF ... they are worth £s ... and you can take that to the bank!

If you want to try and protect your leaf ... 


Application for Approval for Raw Tobacco Scheme

I am a private individual

Contact number

07860 432145

Postal address

1 Snuff Mill Lane, Sheffield S01 2DD

 E-mail address


Details of your controlled activities.

Making snuff

Addresses of all the premises from which you intend to carry out controlled activities.

1 Snuff Mill Lane, Sheffield S01 2DD

The names, addresses and vat numbers of who will be supplying your raw tobacco

Unknown, that depends on HMRC and which companies  they register for April 1st, 2017

Whether your supplier is registered in UK?

Unknown, that depends on HMRC and which companies  they register for April 1st, 2017

The estimated quantity of raw tobacco over a 12 month period you'll be carrying out a  controlled activity for


Name and address

Wendy Longworth, 1 Snuff Mill Lane, Sheffield S01 2DD

Date of birth

1st April 1969

l declare the information contained in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge

Please respond by mail only.

Dated and signed,
                                  Wendy Longworth


Post it to

Raw Tobacco Approval Scheme
Excise Processing Teams

2nd Class Post 55p
(If you use TL4U Ltd they'll even refund you the postage on your next order!)



  1. I already have friends and relatives who will do this. They say they are willing to try leaf and purchase it from 1st April 2017 ... if they get approved!

  2. *is in the middle of another bureaucratic (PIP) nightmare atm but will get on this asap*

    Good to hear from you again SH, you have been missed.

  3. Like this idea a lot. Thanks guys

  4. We've heard from a Whole Leaf Company that they are sending all their customers a link to our article and a printed N2D application form for raw tobacco. With that in mind we've uploaded said form for all to download. LINK

  5. As a law abiding and responsible gardener I've just sent in my application, and I'll be making sure that the council compost bin service is also correctly registered.

  6. Replies
    1. Really can't say ... l don't trust HMRC/Border Force at all ... from experience. If there is anyway to avoid it, l would.

    2. Don't tell them Pike!

  7. I just had a call from a very nice lady at the HMRC to discuss my application for horticultural purposes - will write up when I finish work

    1. I see that they are already making a pig's ear of it. Why don't they ask for your id docs in application for registration? Not giving you application forms (or online registration) is just to mess you about so you won't apply. HMRC visiting? ... they're too damn lazy ... period!

      Cant see any comments on your site Giolla ... incl mine :)

  8. What about the Bulgarian, Polish and other migrants living here in UK? Their online forums offer shredded leaf!!!!!!!

  9. Just asked my local council what there registration number is cos l need to get rid of waste Genus Nicotania

    1. Indeed, can't have our local Councils breaking the law, can we? Have done same to my Council. :)

  10. Hi,

    I've successfully registered got my letter int he post this morning!

  11. All is good for gardeners.... What about others

  12. So the April 1st deadline has passed, all 3 UK leaf suppliers are unable to do business, regular "leafers" are now back to travelling to Belgium for tobacco..... so is the whole leaf scene now dead? I've been browsing the web and can't even find any comment on it. I guess the European suppliers (and African) are still an option. Any thoughts or comments?

  13. I hope not. I've only just discovered the whole leaf scene!

  14. Any updates? I've been watching like a hawk but I've seen no updates since April 10th. Would love to start rolling my own cigars.

  15. Ok so I've started the process of applying for a permit for myself. I could have followed the advice but, the way I see it, I imagine if hmrc don't want to give them out I'll be without tobacco whether I go for it or not. Spoke to a very nice chap on the phone, he said he doesn't see any reason I couldn't get it. Sent a letter, will post results.

  16. Hi Tom,
    So from what I see, you want to buy leaf tobacco, make cigars, and pay the duty.
    I kind of understand this.. in that I have made cigarettes from leaf and I enjoy them so much more than anything I can buy.
    I would also be prepared, although reluctantly, to buy leaf and pay the tobacco duty. In the past, this was not a realistic option...In theory the duty was payable when leaf was transformed into smokable material, but HMRC didn't seem to have a process for low volume folk. I'd be very interested to know how they see it working in your case. If you do get registered, who will you buy from - all the UK suppliers seem to have folded.

    1. Hi anon,
      What the chap said on the phone was that I wouldn't have to pay the full tax for the cigars themselves; tax would be the same as it was before the requirement for a permit with whole leaf tobacco. I stated that it would be not for profit. Unless I've misunderstood, I don't think I'll need to pay the exorbitant duty that is placed on prepared tobacco.
      Now I'm just hoping I've not horribly misunderstood something.

    2. Hi Tom
      I guess, as in all these cases, the devil is in the detail.
      From what I can see, the duty for cigars is £259.44/kg. Is this what you plan to pay? Duty for "other smoking tobacco" eg: Pipe is £114.06/kg. Big difference. Again, who will you buy from? In the past the only company to offer cigar kits was They no Longer operate. My honest opinion is that you have discovered this hobby too late. I think it is now dead in the UK. I se e no alternative approaches.

    3. I think you're right. This is really depressing.

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