Free Tobacco Leaf! Cheap shredders! ... It Must Be Xmas!

Those nice people over at TL4U are giving away free tobacco leaf with every order. Fill yer boots!

Paypal are trying to screw TL4U up but you can still safely order from TL4U. Great deal on a shredder here



  1. That's the shredder I have and the blurb is right - shred a wet leaf and spend hours picking out the bits. Get a dental kit from Pundland and it's easier, but still work.

    I think I am all leafed up until after the Christrmas madness ends. I'll be back in the New year.

    Merry Samheim, and a Happy New Hangover to all!

  2. Merry Christmas indeed. Well done boys!

  3. "shred a wet leaf and spend hours picking out the bits. "-Leggy

    If you shred the leaf when it's in the right 'case' (ie level of wet/dry) then the shredders are pretty much self cleaning. Shredding wet will cause the grooves/channels betwixt the teeth rings to clog up. You end up with a shredder that looks like this:

    The teethed rings can be simply cleaned with a wire brush but the channels between them require turning the shredder over and then GENTLY, using a small screwdriver, pressing each tooth of the combs down onto a clear bit of the ring. If the ring is completely covered then use that small small screwdriver to clean a patch and then press the comb tooth onto it. Turn the handle and the comb tooth will 'chisel' up the compressed kack etc.

  4. Yep, that's what I got from an overwet leaf. I used the tooth-picker thing from the Poundland dental kit to pull out the lumps (they went into the baccy jar anyway), took out the combs and cleaned and straightened them, and (unlike politicians) learned lessons.

    I use a stiff toothbrush to clean the ring teeth. Poundland have a 'smoker's toothbrush' that they say will take the stains off your teeth - the damn thing will take the enamel off them and still do a good job of de-rusting your car! No use to me anyway, my teeth are stained with espresso. Still, it's good as a plastic version of a wire brush.

    Refitting combs - screw them in almost tight, turn the handle a few time to realign them, then tighten. Otherwise you get metal shavings in your shred and that is very much not good if you're snorting it up your hooter!

    1. Yesterday I tried cleaning a shredder that was badly 'kacked' up. Removed the plastic cog housing, immersed the whole thing in hot water and kept turning the handle while scrubbing with a soft wire brush. Came up sparkling and clean. Dried it well and then left it under the radiator to dry throughly overnight. Looks like the easiest way and it's also the way I clean my top-o-matic (minus the scrubbing of course).

  5. I smoke a pipe...where does that leave me?

    A merry Christmas and very happy New Year to all you guys...and thanks for all the hard work you've done on our behalf.

    1. JJ it's just as easy for pipe tobacco. Have a gander here

  6. Thanks Don...I like it! Will give it a go.


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